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PSU roundtable with Higby

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  • [VIDEO] PSU roundtable with Higby

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    Re: PSU roundtable with Higby

    Character wipe within the next two patches likely!


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      Re: PSU roundtable with Higby

      YAY now i wont be behind on west 01 :p
      |TG-Irr| di1lweed1212


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        Re: PSU roundtable with Higby

        This is what I pulled for a TL;DR

        Current Priorities are
        Map enhancements
        Certs, certs, certs
        New weapons
        New vehicle attachments

        Max changes for next patch
        Resource cost and timer for max - this effects re-equiping the max as well
        more powerful AV

        Capture changes
        Influence will be a limiter for capture rate rather than a fixed ticket amount
        Still considering re-introducing a limited backcap ability

        the disappearance of lockout timers was apparently a bug, and they'll be bringing it back. :(

        still considering the possibility of creating (probably with a cert) the ability to

        there will "probably" be a cert in the future allowing the Sunderer to be a spawn point

        deployed galaxies are no longer damaged by collisions (can't be killed by galaxy ramming or drop pods)

        base generators will be destroyed by an interaction 'hack' that inititates an overload. The overload will be cancelable by the defenders before the generator explodes.

        advanced warning of bases being captured is coming

        E-sports discussion

        planning possible big weapons changes
        - make carbines availiable to all infantry classes
        - make assault rifles availiable to heavy assault and light assault
        - make assault rifle the default weapon for Heavy Assault, make anti-vehicle weapon and LMG occupy the same slot
        - thinking about moving LMG to medic :S

        planning on 2-3 weeks before introduction of the Heavy Assault Weapons

        the engine can support larger maps and that is a possibility for future inclusion

        recoil adjustments are incoming soon

        Alpha squad bonuses are account-wide, if you create a new character it will get all the same bonuses

        probable wipe sometime after the next patch (necessary to allow some of the new certs)
        Teamwork and Tactics are OP

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