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PS2 Servers, Action, and You

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  • PS2 Servers, Action, and You

    I would like to request that we start playing on very populated servers unless there is a specific reason we want to play on a low pop server to maybe practice, etc. etc. To gain maximum enjoyment from the game (even though it is beta) we probably should play on a high pop server(s) to experience all the different facets the game has to offer, recruit more members into TG-PlanetSide2, and try our hand with different strats. If it is a lag issue, I can understand that, but I really haven't had any issues East or West. I know some other people have mentioned these ideas, but I thought I would also throw my hat in the ring as it were.

    I would also like to emphasize recruiting a bit more. Even though it is beta, I feel there is a massive need for some aggressive recruiting so we can at least fill a platoon up with people who play regularly. (And I mean a TG platoon, not alliances with other squads to form a platoon, although that may be strategically beneficial in certain situations). This isn't an FPS where we can get away with small numbers of people I don't think. We need bodies manning those turrets and holding defensive positions with the option to go on the offense rather quickly or a combination of both which a full platoon should be able to facilitate.

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    Re: PS2 Servers, Action, and You

    Your right and I don't think it will be hard, just from playing and leading squads I've picked up a half dozen regulars that like to squad up with me. This would be the basis of getting someone into TG. As a reminder were having an event on the 22nd sat, it will be on West 01. If you haven't had a chance to get the feeling of a full server, that would be the time.




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