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  • [VIDEO] Live stream : Dev design Meeting Today

    Matthew Higby ‏@mhigby
    Today @ 5pm PDT join our streamed @Planetside2 design meeting, we'll discuss: state of beta, this week's update & more!

    Update: If you missed it you can still click the link and watch the recording.

    Meeting Highlights

    In this patch ETA Sept 20th

    Tank armor increase Front, side, and top. Back to remain the same.
    Sunderer Spawn ability. Driver will have to specialize the Vehicle between, spawning, healing vehicles, or providing ammo to vehicles.
    Most vehicle certs in, exception no ground vehicle performance certs.
    Warp gate changes to prevent griefing, show around 20:30
    Infiltrator now able to hack turrets and consoles. This will kick a player out of the turret if hacked while occupied.
    Techplants being changed to similar capture mechanics as amp stations. One capture flag guarded by shields. Previous outside flags being changed to separate hexes.
    Max timers and resource cost going in. Buff to all max weapons, biggest buff to TR and NC Anti Vehicle weapons.
    Colored smoke/flare only visible to the friendly faction, while be certable under the command rank tree.
    SL/PL can cert a ping ability for the map to highlight important areas to the faction at large.
    Platoon leader waypoint.
    PL/SL will now always be #1 on the squad list.
    Vehicles will show up with squad colors if squaded/platooned instead of just blue.
    Q menu adjusted for easier use/also usable on players in a vehicle.
    Coordinate grid added to the map.
    Expandable minimap default H key, vehicles will have there minimap zoomed out further than infantry, not to be confused with the expandable map.
    Voice macros added.
    Idle/AFK kick added.

    Next week Esamir will be added. Possible as a separate server you have to log into.

    The way they made this sound, is assuming its working properly you would log into your "World" server example US East 01, how ever each individual continent, Esamir,Indar, and Amerise would be on its own dedicated server. They said this probable wasn't going to happen initially in beta, so instead you would log into each continent separately, meaning a different character for each continent.
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    Re: Live stream : Dev design Meeting Today

    I think its really refreshing to see a game developer be so transparent and open with the community. Looking forward to hearing what they have in store for the beta.


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      Re: Live stream : Dev design Meeting Today

      update first post.


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        Re: Live stream : Dev design Meeting Today

        Good stuff. Pretty enthused about most points here.

        As a tanker, I am particularly enthused to see the increased armor.

        Perhaps it will feel like a tank now rather than a glass cannon?
        Teamwork and Tactics are OP

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          Re: Live stream : Dev design Meeting Today

          Wow that's a lot of good usable updates.


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            Re: Live stream : Dev design Meeting Today

            A little more details, courtesy of the PS2 forums. Much of it repeats the OP.

            New continent: Esamir! Icy waste.


            Upgrading tank armor across the board to take one more HA rocket without being killed. Includes Lightnings and faction-specific tanks. Rear armor is not upgraded.
            Sunderer will have 3 major deploy certs/options:
            Respawn Station: similar to current Galaxy
            Resupply Station: Aura that gives healing and ammo to nearby infantry
            Blockade Armor: Increases Sunderer health, and from a previous post by Smed, it will let the Sunderer breach enemy forcefields. Breaching won't make this round.
            M60 Mortar turret (unlocked weapon for Lib tailgun, Galaxy turret and Sunderer) is getting its projectile speed increased significantly.
            "Almost all" vehicle certs going in. Exceptions are "unique" vehicle certs that are more complicated.


            Changing all Amp Stations to mimic the new Peris station. Notably:
            Spawn gen and main capture point have swapped positions. Spawn Gen is now the core of the base.
            You can also breach the main building by bringing down a single exterior generator, instead of all of them. Although you won't have full building access until they're all down.
            Changing Tech Plants to be less complex:
            Single capture point. The satellite capture points will be independently captured, similar to amp stations.
            Moving the spawn gen to an exterior building, but still shielded.
            Generally improve movement and travel in/around tech plants. No more "rat's nest" of weird corridors and complicated mid-deck.
            Facility Generators will be destroyed differently.
            No longer be destroyed with weapons fire.
            Attacks will interact with generator to set it to overload, and will have to defend the overloading generator until it blows.
            Any defenders who reach the generator can avert the overload.
            New animations with sound for capturing facilities.
            Infiltrators can "hack" facilities. They can take control of an enemy turret or terminal for their team. Can't be stealthed to do it.
            Warpgates are being changed to be more like a terminal at a bus station or airport. Should be easier to mobilize and less running teammates over.
            Walls are continuing to be added to bases.


            MAX units are being heavily changed:
            MAX units will have a cooldown and resource cost, similar to vehicles. Eventually Implants will be offered to reduce cooldown, similar to vehicles.
            MAX anti-vehicle weapons are being improved for TR and NC. VS is not being improved, so presumably the current VS effectiveness against vehicles is the goal for TR and NC.
            NC Scattercannon getting more ammo and more "pellets per shot" to make it competitive with Dual Cycler. Considering adding "spinup" time to Dual Cycler.
            VS sniper rifle is slowly being buffed.
            Inflitrator changes:
            Can hack (mentioned above)
            Getting motion-sensor IFF dart gun that will show enemies in a radius around it to their squad.
            Infiltrator will eventually get EMP and Jammer tools.
            Generally adding a lot more certs next week.
            New infantry weapons next week!
            Explanation of Carbines: NC tuned to be short range. TR long range. Sidegrades are going to be added for each faction to give different range and firing rate options. Bolt action sniper rifles going into each faction.
            Light Assault next week will get better escape/survival to fit into a squad skirmisher-type role.
            Specialty infantry weapons like MCG and Jackhammer will be added in about 2-3 weeks.
            Smoke grenades being improved.
            IRNV range being nerfed.


            Command certs being added.
            Can place various colored smoke markers (with flare at night) visible to your own faction.
            Can ping map for entire faction for attack requests, defense calls, etc.
            Medals are being added/improved. You get a medal for a weapon based on kills with a specific weapon. Awards Auraxium. Medals will be added for vehicles as well.
            Faction colors added to /yell
            Improved waypoints, added platoon waypoint.
            Improved indicators for squadmate vehicles.
            Track vehicles for an owner, even if they leave vehicles, and countdown for deconstruction for owned vehicles that are abandoned.
            Improved vehicle damage indicators.
            Added some canned voice call hotkeys.
            New HUD for Fighters and Flash.
            Improved UI for buying certs/weapons at any time.
            Outfit tags will show on players/kill cams
            Teamwork and Tactics are OP

            Strait /strāt/ (Noun) A narrow passage of water connecting two seas or two large areas of water: "the Northumberland Strait".




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