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  • Platoon Leading

    I realize the game is in beta and we are still finding our feet in it.

    Nonetheless, we often fail to operate as a cohesive platoon. Having one squad up north and another down south is not operating very effectively as a platoon. If all squads are not in the same general zone working to support the same front (generally speaking) then we are merely watering-down our collective force ratio. I realize that there will be exceptions to this rule, but when we are running a platoon of only a few squads proximity and a common zone become all the more critical for mutual support and expanded force ratio. A larger platoon could of course manage multiple fronts over disparate areas.

    I realize that it is better to step up than to speak up when it comes to leadership. Not that I am any great PL, but I will give the role a try over the coming weeks to see how it shakes down. My plan will be to hold adjacent quadrants and create an area of influence that mutually interlocks with each squad's particular zone.

    When I take on the role as a platoon leader in these initial trials I will NOT also lead a squad -- this will free up my complete attention for commanding. Although, having said that, I may make a small locked squad of two to man the guns in a Galaxy that I would use as a mobile command platform and also provide equip and spawn services via.

    We have a number of excellent squad leaders who are stepping up on a regular basis. I look forward to working with them and benefiting from their council.

    My method for establishing command will be to join an existing TG outfit, inquire if there is an active platoon leader and, in the absence of a PL, announce my intention to step up as PL. I have no intention to usurp an existing commander.

    I'll give it a try tonight starting around 8:00 PM EST.

    Also, please note that my comments on the role of the PL thus far are not directed at any one individual. I have no one in particular in mind and am merely reflecting on my own limited in-game experience of PS2 thus far.

    EDIT: Does the PLATOON VOIP option broadcast to all members of the UNIT or just to Squad Leaders? If it broadcasts to ALL I will use Whisper to communicate directly with SLs.

    EDIT: On second thought, I will need to be an SL within the platoon to access the command functions of the game. I am unclear as to how one becomes the designated PL.

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    Re: Platoon Leading

    The Platoon Leader is the same person as the leader of Alpha Squad. However, that person has the ability to promote any other individual within the platoon to the platoon leader position.

    I think that in-order to coordinate multiple squads during ops, we may need to setup Channel Commander in Teamspeak. Players in different squads should not be in the same TS channel, but instead reside in their respective squad channels. Now, the squad leaders and platoon leader would be able to communicate over the command channel in TS. Would this be possible within the current structure of our teamspeak?


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      Re: Platoon Leading

      Platoon chat among SLs IS broadcast to all members, but only the SLs can speak (can someone confirm this?).

      We have done it in the past, Servo, but I don't see why we don't just use the in-game voip options. I do think that the platoon channel should be limited to SLs only. SLs can then relay the vital information to the rest of the squad. Everyone doesn't need to hear all the info swapping. Like you said, a command channel would be a good solution for now. Hopefully they change the way PL voip works in game.


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        Re: Platoon Leading

        Anyone in the platoon is able to hear and speak in the Platoon VoIP in-game.



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          Re: Platoon Leading

          Originally posted by Mindkill View Post
          Anyone in the platoon is able to hear and speak in the Platoon VoIP in-game.
          RGR. That effectively renders the PL VOIP channel nothing less than a noise generator.

          We will need a TeamSpeak solution to the issue of PL-to-SL (and SL-to-PL) comms.

          I will use Whisper to communicate to SLs. SLs can use the main TS channel for reply to PL or, preferably, Whisper.

          I will create a separate TS COMMAND channel and SLs can join me in that channel if they wish. This will also help isolate me from the occasional (and unavoidable) noise in the main TS channel.


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            Re: Platoon Leading

            Basic team-speak coordination can make a huge difference. The most recent time I was in a Platoon I convince my non-tg squadleader to form up with priceline. I was able to coordinate between the two and fill each other in what the other was doing periodically.

            When the 'command channel' gets unlocked we'll be able to coordinate a lot better in game as well. But really, the Platoon Channel is not that bad. Just make sure that you say; Alpha Squad to Bravo or whatever.


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              Re: Platoon Leading

              The platoon VOIP would be for coordinating larger movements than just your squad. When you join squads into a platoon, they get named Alpha/Bravo/etc and pick up a unique color on the map. The squad channels are fine, but if you need to talk to Alpha and coordinate, you're going to have to use the platoon voip.

              Personally, I don't really see it as a problem, provided platoon voip is used in the right way by the right people. I'd rather not continue to throw 3rd party sources in the mix, so that the whole thing becomes another broken problem like BC2 and BF3's teamspeak solutions did (squads in-game unable to communicate with anyone else without an extensive whisper-list keycombination, squads completely unreachable because they were in their IHS channel instead of the main channel, etc)

              <04:11:24> *** You are now talking in channel: "TFP - Task Force Proteus"
              <04:16:25> "|TG-XV| Tralic": this channel is so gay
              DICE needs to make a comical boxing glove attached to a spring punch the player in the face 40% of the time they get into a helicopter or jet.


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                Re: Platoon Leading

                I was envisioning an event where we would have the following:

                Alpha Squad - Command squad. Runs and maintains two Galaxies while also commanding the other squads. 6 men max.
                Bravo Squad - Infantry. Full squad.
                Charlie Squad - Infantry. Full squad.
                Delta Squad - Air/Armor. Also runs a Sunderer to aid in the transport of extra troops. Full squad.

                With this kind of configuration, we could really wreak some havok on any part of the map. The platoon leader would be able to lead without having to focus on specific individuals.



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                  Re: Platoon Leading

                  A couple of remarks.

                  • Comms

                    If at all possible let us avoid the hassle of complicated teamspeak operations. I believe the game interface is enough.

                    When using platoon chat all in the platoon can hear you. But there is a big advantage here compared to bf2:
                    -Comms discipline; the squadmembers hear when platoon chat is active, so they can shut up at the right time, so the leadership can communicate. In BF2 there was no way to know for the squadmembers and you had to ask radiosilence which can waste vital time.
                    -No need to repeat everything.

                    For effectiveness, I would have the SOP that squadmembers do not use platoon chat unless there is a very clear emergency that warrants it. They can always use proximity to talk to platoon members in defferent squads.

                  • Squad layout: a small command unit is possible.

                    Emale if you do not want to lead a full squad and just command the platoon, there is a very simple way to do this. You just start off by creating a squad, lock it at say three people, then invite two squads.
                    Now this is dependent on how they change/fix the current bugs in the platoon system. In the long term this will work well, but now there may be slight problems like:

                    -controlling locked status of individual squads
                    -when switching members from one squad in the platoon to the next, does their voip channel also switch to the correct squad, or do they stay in the channel of the first squad they join?
                    -is the platoon open/showing in the list, are the correct individual squads open?

                    One thing to play around with here, is having the command squad be either alpha squad or the last squad (charlie/delta). This might help controlling the influx of pubbies to the different squads.

                  • Assigning platoon leader

                    This is done by right clicking a squadmember as platoon leader, and selecting 'promote to PL'.
                    The person to invite others actively to make a platoon, will be getting the PL position by default. He who accepts the invite will just be SL.

                    There are two ways to create a platoon from a squad:
                    a) Invite other SL trough clicking on his name in the ui if it is working. Alternatively or by typing name in 'platoon invite' box under the squad
                    b) Invite any player when your squad is full. He will be put into bravo squad as SL, alone and a platoon will have been created.

                  • General notes on Platoon plans

                    I'm very much looking forward to platoon play. I have seen some awesome videos of big outfits, and we've got a long way to go to rival that, although I hope we can surpass them also. The big outfits have organisation and a lot of people, but their tactics seem very simple to non-existent.

                    I certainly want to join your projects emale, I can play at first this friday.

                    I think we can do it, but we need to plan, and people need different habits as there is the big problem of:

                  • Backseat squadleading.

                    Please, all players. Do not do this. If you have a suggestion for your SL, think first "is this a good time to say it?" If yes, perhaps ask your SL to make sure, and only then share your idea.

                    I had some rounds where I was trying to squadlead, and I would constantly have several people telling me where they wanted to go. This makes the squad paralyzed as all your time is spent debating what is going to happen.

                    ----> Suggesstions only when it is clearly the right time
                    ----> No second guessing once an order is given
                    ----> If you don't like the decisions: become a SL or suck it up.

                    People should realize squadleading is an effort and a challenge and respect that. THere is always a need for more squadleaders so if you know better, DO better.

                    Tg is built on the principles of discipline and respecting command structure. Currently the average pubbie on east3 was as good as the average TG-er. I expect TG-ers to be better than the average pubbies at these things. Granted the average pubbie on PS2 beta is way smarter than in other games.

                  • Please, disclaimer:

                    No one take offense in my backseat-SL-ing comments. All I wish to do is have more fun with all of us. I think many people should also lose their timidity, step up to a leadership position and start dishing out orders. We need all kinds of different leaders for different jobs.

                    I myself am a terrible backseatsquadleader, out of the habit of being SL a lot on other games, it is a real effort for me not to do it. Comms discipline is hard, takes practice and concentration, but it is so rewarding if a squad becomes easy to organize and you can respond eaily and quickly to changes on the ground.


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                    Re: Platoon Leading

                    All very helpful comments -- thank you.

                    Some quick notes on being a PL and SL simultaneously tonight for 3 1/2 hours (exhausting):

                    New non-TG squad members tend to be overly chatty in VOIP and TS -- this will need constant attention. Most respond to a simple "less talk please".

                    At present, meeting requests to join squads from TS are very time consuming. Fortunately all were patient. The PL is involved with huge human resource management issues and concerns. Everyone needs to keep this in mind. The larger the group the more time it will take to get organized and STAY organized.

                    All SLs where VERY patient with me tonight.

                    Please remember the basic SOPs -- if a direct order is given to you respond with a COPY or RGR. Command MUST be made aware that orders have been received and acted upon. I myself failed to make this clear tonight but will make such operating procedures clear in the future. Likewise, if you are an engineer, for example, and someone requests the services of an engineer -- let them know that you are responding. Communicate, effectively and concisely, with your squad mates.

                    The map remains buggy -- for most of the night I had no map markers for my Bravo squad. Occasionally, this left me uncertain as to Bravo's location.

                    Please IDENTIFY YOURSELF when addressing the PL (if you are NOT in the PL's squad). DO NOT assume that I or another PL will know who is talking. This will become vital as the platoon size and outfit size grows.

                    Comms will need constant work by all of us if we are to keep them from degrading into a huge noise.

                    All in all a good night with lots of patience from my platoon. We advanced far north, were pushed back, then retook some lost ground in the middle. By 11:30 pm the NC were quite overwhelmed on the map, but we did good work.

                    I only had two small squads under my command and one air support, so there was not much that could be done. Nonetheless, it was a great learning experience for me.

                    I realize I may have been more verbose than necessary in the Platoon channel -- will also work on being more concise and to the point.

                    I may make a video tomorrow that captures aspects of tonight's command and comms so everyone can get a sense of what goes on in the background.

                    BTW, the COMMAND VOIP channel now works. PLs can talk ONLY to other PLs through this. This opens up enormous possibilities while also introducing more noise management issues. I suspect that very few PLs will actually coordinate with other PLs, but within TG PL to PL opens up the possibility of multiple platoons cooperating with each other. This will allow people to group up under PLs of their choice just as they often will group up with SLs that they prefer. This will also erode our cohesion if PLs fail to work closely together.

                    I hope someone comes out with a well made, detailed, large printed map of this game`s playing field. It would be a great tool.


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                      Re: Platoon Leading

                      FYI channel commander does work, I spent a couple of days playing with the 666th Devil Dogs, and they routinely utilize it while running multiple squads. It might be worth looking at.


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                        Re: Platoon Leading

                        Originally posted by johnflenaly View Post
                        FYI channel commander does work, I spent a couple of days playing with the 666th Devil Dogs, and they routinely utilize it while running multiple squads. It might be worth looking at.
                        What is channel commander? Is this in teamspeak or in the game you mean?

                        @ Emale: DO you not have to unlock command chat trough certifications?

                        @All: I hope we can have this thread evolve, possibly over multiple threads, ending in a nice SOP post that will hopefully be stickied. It would be very useful to have some SOP's that are specifically adapted for use in PS2, that can also serve as a mental support for all of us.


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                          Re: Platoon Leading

                          Channle commander is in TS.


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                            Re: Platoon Leading

                            Simple fix... If you're in a platoon, PL's use that channel only.

                            Squad talks in Squad Chat only - shouldn't have a reason to talk through PL chat. Just police youre people.

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                              Re: Platoon Leading

                              Commander Channel is a channel that only SLs can hear. It is currently unlocked however it will require certs.




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