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    A couple of things. First of all, if you have yet to get an invite into the outfit contact myself on TS, or if all else fails pm me and will get it shorted out.

    Second thing is I would like to try out some new communications SOPs and see if we can't clear up the comms cluter.

    1. While squad leading, all SLs/Pls will remain in the Command Channel already set up in TS. This is at all time even when only one squad is up. Only SLs, and PLs in the Command Channel.

    2. Outfit invites, will be handled though "Outfit chat". I'm referring to the outfit text chat. Some thing like "LFS - looking for squad" will be sufficient. SLs will need to pay attention to get members into squads in a timely manner.

    3. In game voip channels for outfit and platoon will not be used by anyone. This is to clear up the clutter as much as possilble. Most things should be going up the chain of command.

    4. Contact reports: Now somethings can't wait to be said, telling people around you that you're about to get liberator bombed is important. That said saying this in platoon or outfit voip is not ideal because not all members are going to be right next to you. The best solution for things like this would be proximity voip.

    5. TS in general: Realize that people in the NC channel in TS are most likely ingame, and constant chatter is distracting. If you need to just talk to one of your buddies we have about a 100 other TS channels your free to use.



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