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Outfit Info and Applications - New Recruits Start Here!

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  • [INFO] Outfit Info and Applications - New Recruits Start Here!

    Welcome to PlanetSide 2 at

    Tactical Gamer is the premier online gaming community for those who can't get enough teamwork and cooperative play. We are a large group of mature gamers, of all ages, from around the globe, that use real-world strategies, tactics and techniques to succeed on the in-game battlefield. At TG, we strive to create an inclusive environment where mutual respect for our fellow gamers is always the order of the day. You can learn more about our particular brand of play by reading the Tactical Gamer Primer.

    Outfit Information

    We operate a Planetside2 outfit on the Emerald server.
    Our faction is New Conglomerate.

    The TG Outfit is here for the benefit of all TG NC Emerald players and exists to assist our diverse player base to self organize themselves in game. It is not a top down hierarchy. The Outfit facilitates the ad hoc assembly of groups of TG players and public players into organized squads and platoons making use of the in-game chain of command and communication systems to establish control and coordination of participating individuals and units.

    While members of the Outfit are encouraged to participate in Outfit run squads and platoons as well as organized TG events or training, these activities are not mandatory. When you are in a squad or platoon, you must follow the in game chain of command. In order to help streamline control and coordination, the Outfit has established some recommended Standard Operating Procedures.

    Special events or some multi-platoon operations may require the use of our Teamspeak 3 server for coordination. Why wait for an event though. We encourage all our members to join us in the PS2 channel when firing up a game session so install it today.

    Registration and Outfit Application

    1. Click here or use the Register button at the top of the page to create your forum account.

    2. Read the Tactical Gamer Primer and our Outfit SOPs.

    3. Complete the short Outfit Application. You will see an empty form, or empty thread when you click this link. Make a new post, and provide your in game name, and any other information you wish.

    4. Complete this form. It will make sure you have done everything you should.

    5. Get yourself set up to access our Teamspeak 3 server by following the instructions you'll find here.

    Outfit Invite Info

    If you have completed your application and require an in-game invite to the outfit, Officers and NCOs will initially send you in-game friend requests. Check the list below for the names of our Outfit Officers and NCOs and be sure to accept the requests. Don't be shy about messaging the outfit reps in-game to let them know you're online and need an invite.

    Alternatively, you can join a TacticalGamer squad and ask for an outfit invite. If there's an outfit rep on that can send you one, be sure to let them know that you've already completed your application.

    If you don't start seeing friend requests within 24-48 hours, please check the Outfit Application forum to see if we require additional info from you.

    Recruitment Info

    The Outfit is actively recruiting new players. Please make your Officers and NCOs aware of any promising candidates so we can approach them. Ask an Outfit Officer or NCO for more information on how you can help our outfit to grow.

    Outfit Administration

    Outfit Administration has both in-game and forum duties that they are tasked with. The personnel have all volunteered some of their free time to help improve the outfit.

    Game Administrators are denoted on the forum with the Planetside 2 Admin user bar and can be identified in-game by the rank of Officer or Leader. Their responsibilities include monitoring and maintaining the PS2 forums and the PS2 Teamspeak channels as well as generally keeping an ear out in-game for any unbecoming member behavior. They have the same recruiting duties as NCOs. They also answer queries in the Contact Outfit Administration forum.

    Officer in-game powers are promoting and demoting members, Kicking Members from the Outfit, Inviting players to the Outfit and setting the message of the day. Players identified in-game with the rank of Leader are Game Administrators with all the stated Officer powers, but they can also modify rank permissions. All Game Administrators must maintain a Supporting Membership.

    Assisting the Admin/Officers are the Outfit Non Com Officers. These players are are recruited from the subset of Outfit members that typically step up to lead squads or platoons. They help the Outfit with recruiting new members by informing folks about Tactical Gamer as well as handling real time invites to the Outfit. They can be identified in-game by the rank of NCO.

    NCO in-game power is the ability to send Outfit Invites and promote players in game. In addition to their in-game activities, the NCOs help track their new recruits once they make it to the forums to make sure they have the info they need to take advantage of everything TG has to offer. NCOs are not required to maintain a Supporting Membership.

    If you need to contact Outfit administration, please use this semi-private forum or click one of our names below to send a private message.

    Outfit Officers/Admins

    Garthra - Game Officer
    GeneralCain- Executive Officer

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    Re: General Outfit Information


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      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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        Updated. (Mainly application form change.)
        The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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