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Higby on Cert point gain and Esamir

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  • Higby on Cert point gain and Esamir

    Here ya go

    Hey all -

    As some of you have fondly noted, the cost for certain certs in the game are a bit out of whack right now. We're in the middle of a big certification rebalance which will be up on beta with next week's push. This will affect cert prices as well as cert point accumulation rates.

    With tonight's patch we will be re-enabling passive cert point gain and for the next week we will be cranking the rate of the gain up quite a bit. We're doing this so that we can test a lot of the higher level certs which are impossible to acquire right now with the current costs and cert point acquisition rates. I want to be clear that this weeks passive cert point rate is ABSOLUTELY NOT indicative of our final rate, it's juiced way up.

    Now for the painful part - with next week's patch and certification point rebalance we will be doing a character wipe. Next week's patch is going to be really exciting, we'll be adding Esamir to the game as well as ungating almost all of the remaining certs and solidifying cert point costs across the board. So this week, enjoy the fast cert point gain, try out lots of certs and let us know what works well, what works too well, and what doesn't work at all.

    Looking forward to seeing your feedback and finally getting that Nanoweave armor...

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    Re: Higby on Cert point gain and Esamir

    Hmmm, tasty Certs.

    Just spent 3000 worth on beefing up my Sunderer specialization.

    Can't wait to try it out tonight.


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      Re: Higby on Cert point gain and Esamir

      Pfsh. Screw certs. Esamir is here.

      Now I'm just waiting on Amerish... My precious Amerish... >:3




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