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    With the new patch dropping tonight I would like to inform everyone on our plans going forward. You can think of this as the official kick off of the TG outfit for Planetside 2. First and foremost, it is my pleasure to announce our two new Outfit officers. Buflak and Warlab. These two have shown great leadership and willingness to step up not only in Planetside 2 but previous titles here at Tactical Gamer. Their role as outfit officers is and will be an extension of that. As outfit officers you can expect them to continue to be leaders both in and out of game for Planetside 2. The will also be helping me and Jeepo with minor administration task such as making sure all current TG members who would like to be can get into the outfit quickly and in a timely fashion.

    This brings up recruitment. TG will be opening up official recruitment once the latest patch goes live. Recruitment will be open to all current members of TG as well as anyone from the public who will want to join. The only requirement will be that new members will need to sign up of these forums and fill out an application which will be posted up later. All new members will be accepted initially and enter a two week probationary period. I don't want you all to get the wrong impression. As with all TG titles new members will be expected to be mature, play with the team, and be able to follow the orders of the acting SL/PL. As long as new members can follow this they will remain with the outfit. For now since we are in in beta we will only be accepting people who are in beta. What I need from the rest of you all is to help show the flag so to speak. We will be starting a number of threads on PS2 affiliated forums. I would ask that if you are on these forums to post in our recruitment threads spreading the word of TG. This brings up the next issue squads.

    I would like to encourage everyone who is squad leading to make your squads open to the public. This allows members of the public to join and and see how we do things. Like previous games such as BF2 this will most likely end up as the primary means of recruitment. If you are going to open a squad to the public we would ask that you all follow a common naming convention. All squads should begin with "" followed by a designation. If we are running multiple squads things like 1,2,3 or A,B,C are acceptable, also you can designate armor,infantry, air ect. The main points is I would like the website in the name.

    Finally we will be adopting an official communications SOP.

    In game/Squad: To be used by the leader and members of the squad for unit level communications
    In game/Platoon: To be used solely by the acting platoon leader to update the platoon at large of plans, movements ect.
    In game/Outfit: Reserved for Outfit officers and only to be used in a pinch.
    Teamspeak/General: Can be used by anyone at anytime, but bear in mind that people will be ingame and this can be disrupting.
    Teamspeak/Command Channel: To be used by the acting PL/acting SLs for platoon CnC. Further more PL/SLs will be required to be in this channel.



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