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Article: Planetside 2 at Tactical Gamer

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Article: Planetside 2 at Tactical Gamer

    TG is forming a New Conglomerate outfit gearing up for deployment to Auraxis. We are currently recruiting new members interested in fighting for freedom against space fascists and left wing liberal hippy alien worshippers. Operating as a self contained Regiment inside the NC war machine, we will be organised from the squad level to the Regimental commander level. We will be a multi-faceted outfit, having Infantry, Armour, Air support and Logistics elements working in conjunction to achieve supreme victory for the NC and its freedom loving people.

    Tactical Gamer Background

    Tactical Gamer is a large multi game community with a background in many FPS and MMO titles, with gamers all around the world. As per the Tactical Gamer Primer we create an environment conducive for mature gamers to enjoy the games they play without the everyday interference from the less-than-mature gamers. We create an environment where there is mutual respect for your fellow gamers and where all members work together to advance the enjoyment of their hobby. And we support game play in a near-simulation environment, where the focus of play would not be solely on doing what it takes to win, but doing so utilizing real-world combat strategy and tactics rather than leveraging exploits provided to players by the design of the game engine, regardless of the level of advantage, if any, it gives over the opposing team.

    We have a large background in WoW, the Battlefield series of games (including the POE and Project Reality mods), as well as the ArmA series. We intend to build a home for our community in Planetside 2, utilising both the in game outfit tools and our own forums, and with a large player-base already at TG, we are looking to bring our traditions of mature team orientated play to the public.


    Only accepting people currently in the beta.
    Mature and teamwork orientated, working for the good of the outfit and the team, not the individual.
    You have to be willing to sign up to our forums at Tactical Gamer.
    You have to be willing to use our teamspeak, more information of which can be found at our Teamspeak Server Information thread.

    Those interested in joining up should go here and sign up on the forums. The thread will give you further instructions.

    Rise up!
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