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  • [INFO] State of Game From Smed

    How did I miss this, been slacking !!!

    Hello Everyone,

    Quick update about some important things.

    First off, we expect to be streaming the game live from SOE Live's keynote at 7pm this Thursday October 18th (Pacific). During this keynote we're going to be showing off the 3rd continent Amerish as well as talking about our longer term plans for the game post launch. In addition to all that you can expect us to formally announce the release date (we've always said it will launch in 2012). We've chosen a date we feel gives us a great launch and the opportunity to improve the game to launch standards. We have a lot of stuff in the works that you haven't seen yet but will soon.

    Announcing a release date during a beta is always complicated. I don't want anyone to think for a second we aren't aware of the issues with the game. We're very aware because not only do we play it, we take the time to read your feedback and do our best to respond to it and prioritize. We've already had more people playing in the beta than ever played Planetside 1 and we haven't remotely let everyone who applied in yet. I just want to make sure everyone understands we are listening to a broad cross section of people who played PS1 and a lot of others who didn't.

    Towards that end I want to give you the top issues we're working hard on. We have a team of over 100 working on this night and day (literally) and just because I list the top issues doesn't mean we aren't working on a ton of other stuff too.

    Here are the big ticket things we're working on

    1. Performance - this is #1 with a bullet. We have major improvements coming in the upcoming patches. We're aware it's not perfect. As it stands now we know the game needs improving in all areas. We are currently CPU bound which means it's more important what kind of CPU you have versus what kind of graphics card. As I said we have major improvements coming. This isn't magic. It's hard work. Planetside 2 is always going to have a higher end requirement than other similar games because of the scale of fights we have.

    2. Metagame - right behind performance is the metagame. We have large plans for this that I think are going to make everyone happy. They all revolve around a 3 continent launch. Yes.. we will launch with all 3 we promised. I'm not going to go into detail on this because we have a big meeting to finalize it all tomorrow and Matt Higby is going to announce the specifics. Please understand this game has a lot of Planetside heritage and a lot of what we're aiming for has this in mind. Also keep in mind this will involve stuff like base benefits and what happens when people "lock down" continents.

    3. Weapon balance - still a ways to go on this. We have some really good data on this now and we're zeroing in on making this feel right.

    4. Remaining certs - within 2 weeks we expect them all to be in and done. Please note this also includes properly setting the costs. We know there are some bad and unreasonable costs out there. They are being fixed.

    5. Changing over weapon sales to cert points - this will also mean the end of Auraxium as a resource. After listening to the feedback in the thread we feel like this is the way to go. Keep in mind when we do this (with this next patch) we will be DRAMATICALLY INCREASING THE SPEED AT WHICH YOU GAIN CERTS. Something like 4X. Again folks, we play the game on non-admin accounts. We see the data. We see the issues. We're fixing them.

    6. New player into the action fast - we have a nice mini-tutorial coming that will get a newbie in very quickly.

    7. Instant Action mode working properly - It's busted. we get it. It will be fixed.

    These are only a very small portion of major changes coming to the game. Since we're going to be announcing the date soon I feel like it's super important that you all understand how serious we are about incorporating your feedback and also how serious we are about launching Planetside 2 as our cleanest launch ever.

    As always your feedback is appreciated.

    I hope you'll watch the livestream on twitch or the VOD's we'll put up if you can't.

    Take Care and look out for Matt's Metagame post probably tmw.


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    Re: State of Game From Smed

    Key points:

    Third continent "Amerish" will be shown at SOE Live's keynote at 7pm this Thursday October 18th (Pacific) Streaming.
    Launch Date annouced during SOE LIVE
    Three continents back on for launch.
    Weapons sales changing to Certs
    Auraxium removed as a currency/resource.
    Cert speed x4


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      Re: State of Game From Smed

      Looks very interesting! Can't wait!




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