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Planetside 2 Critique. What's wrong with it so far?

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  • [VIDEO] Planetside 2 Critique. What's wrong with it so far?

    What do you think are the majorr/minor problems with PS2 at this time?

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    Re: Planetside 2 Critique. What's wrong with it so far?

    I do agree with the AA/air balance he points out. One of the other factors in this is that rendering distance for infantry (includes burster MAXes) is very low, and vehicles are decently low as well, while aircraft render at an incredible distance. This means that while you're sitting in a turret, or while you're in your MAX or Skyguard, you can see the ESF fly in and can take shots at it, while it has no way of seeing where you are or where the shots are coming from. I can't tell you how many times i've been hit by flak and zoom in and look all around the ground at *ground* with tracer fire coming from it and die. Similarly with liberators, flying fairly high up doesn't matter, i'm bombing at empty ground with triangles on it hoping to get a kill before the invisible skyguards rape me.

    This has also affected me in a sniper/recon role, as there are several battles i've been in where i'm zoomed in the scope, see nothing, but a rocket screams out of nothing. Take 2 steps forward, 20 infantry suddenly 'pop in' to the game. Step back, they all disappear.

    Balance in general as well. I wouldn't have an issue about balance or some of the more prevalent bugs if the game was still several months from release, but at less than 30 days from release, it should not have the balance, clipping issues, crashing issues, etc it does. Yes, "beta is beta" but coming up on release candidate time, that stuff should be SORTED OUT and it should be finish polishing passes being made at this time, not crunch-time sweeping changes, or entire economy systems getting replaced, things of that nature.

    To put it this way: NS2 has been in beta for a long-ass time. For the past 4-5 months they have had a stable, balanced game. Yes, there are a lot of patch releases coming down the pipe in this last week stretch before it releases on the 31st, but these aren't large balance changes, adding new units/changing unit roles, etc. They're performance/optimization improvements, small bugfixes to the (community-made, then developer endorsed) spectator mode, coding cleanup, shader pass fixes, etc. It's not like they've suddenly added an entirely new unit to the game last week and have to work overtime to get it out, they're polishing the game. They could have released the game 2 months ago, but they wanted to hold off for the 10th anniversary of their previous game, and in the interim have been refining and polishing what they have.

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      Re: Planetside 2 Critique. What's wrong with it so far?

      I agree on most of the points here. Especially the release date.

      Yes, AA suffers from the disparate draw distances, but that is not the only issue.

      From the perspective of an infantryman, a tanker, and a pilot, Air just seems overwhelmed in every case. ESF and Liberators die very, very easily and don't hit all that hard either. It is bad enough that air is decimated when it gets into LOS of AA, but it wouldn't be so bad if air was capable of dealing decent damage in the incredibly short amount of time that they can stay on station without dying.

      Overall, I think air could use a little tweak in both the survivability and lethality department. Moreso the survivability aspect.
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