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Organization of the Infantry Squad and Fireteam in PS2 with considerations reality.

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  • [GUIDE] Organization of the Infantry Squad and Fireteam in PS2 with considerations reality.

    Note: This is a work in progress and a hopeful foundation for a series of articles/fieldmanuals for [email protected]

    Authors Introduction:

    There is always a hard distinction between game and reality. Yet we can take the lessons of reality and apply them to a game just as the game of chess is a lesson of life.

    This short article will attempt to bring meaningful relationships between reality and the game of PlanetSide2. Through such relationships a prevalent form of successful professional, yet fun, organization can hopefully be found.


    Originally posted by From Field Manual 3-21.8, The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad
    Although the battlefield may be entered from a differing range
    of platforms, all types of Infantry must be able to fight on their
    feet. To perform this role, each type possesses two distinguishing
    qualities. First, Infantry are able to move almost anywhere under
    almost any condition. Second, Infantry can generate a high
    volume of lethal well-aimed small arms fire for a short time in
    any direction. Neither movement nor fire is exclusively decisive.
    However, combined fire and movement win engagements.
    PlanetSide 2 is a game of the scale of war. Quite unlike any other game before it it properly recognizes that small skirmishes are only a part of a large organic battlefield. In PlanetSide 2 the large volume of peoples can drastically drown and overwhelm the individual or the small group. To fix this a smart powerful use of group organization, I argue, can overcome the unorganized by at least a two to one ratio.

    The following article will tackle the Infantry Squad and the Infantry Fireteam and their roles in this future battlefield.

    TL : DR
    This article will teach you how to pwn. Just be patient.


    -The Squad
    -The Fireteam
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