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Looking for Members for a Start-Up IHS

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  • Looking for Members for a Start-Up IHS

    Looking to start an IHS with a large focus on PS2 & ArmA2/3 (w/ DayZ on the side). Current plans are to call it the 20th SOTaG. In need of at least one new member for the 'foundation' role.

    20th Special Operations Task Group

    Core Game: PlanetSide2
    Supported Games: ArmA-Verse + DayZ + Project Reality(?)

    • Leadership - Will actively grow leaders through open discussion and practice.
    • Inclusiveness - Will always operate openly towards the whole TG community and other gaming Communities.
    • Tactical Might - Heavy emphasis on researching and testing tactics within the group. We have a great TGU Volunteer on hand in BlackPython.
    • Strategic Foresight - For those interested the group will dedicate some effort to larger scale strategic methods. Pulling from experience in both the ArmA-verse and Project Reality Campaigns.

    Other Information:
    SOTaG will seek to expand its influence on Auraxis through all arms though Mechanized Infantry Combat will be considered first and foremost. True to the name Special Operations the group will expect some dedication, at a future time, to the Infiltrator Class. This specialization will not be the primary day to day function of SOTaG but 'behind enemy lines' play will be a considered strategy and hopefully a role we will perfect.

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    Re: Looking for Members for a Start-Up IHS

    I would be ready to join that IHS as soon as I get money to paypal so I could get my supporting membership back.
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      Re: Looking for Members for a Start-Up IHS

      Excellent. Everything is in planning stages so just hit me up with a PM for info or opinions/suggestions. Classes are winding up before finals so there is no rush.


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        Re: Looking for Members for a Start-Up IHS



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          Re: Looking for Members for a Start-Up IHS

          Just thought I'd add my two cents worth here.

          Joining an IHS has been one of the most rewarding things I have done at TG. It facilitated my integration to the community and really gave me a sense of place, plus I made some really close friends. You will have access to your own private TS channel, your own forums etc and all these things enable you to get to know people better, work on tactics, strategy and generally have a good laugh. I've actually met up with IHS friends from other countries and plan to meet up with more next year when I make a trip to the states.

          On a tactical level the close knit workings of an IHS can help you to take your squad work to the next level. Being in an IHS doesn't make you better than anyone else, it can however provide you with the tools to improve your game and you will make some really good friends along the way.

          Furthermore you will start to understand how IHS integrate into the TG community as a whole and how YOUR IHS can help strengthen and improve our community for everyone.

          I've know Ytman for a long time, relatively speaking, and I hope he won't mind my saying that if anyone is considering an IHS this would be a great opportunity.




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