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  • Flash race video?

    Does anybody have a video of that flash race we did with CML last night? If so, would you mind posting it? I thought it was pretty fun, and the rest of the guys did too. If the majority of my platoon wants too, I may make those a regular thing. Not every other op, or too often that they interfere with tactical ops, but possibly once as soon as I become PL, and once before I leave, and a multi-outfit race whenever we cap a continent. Of course with variations, such as survival races (intentionally racing through enemy territory so that evading enemy fire becomes a factor) and flash crashes (an assault with grenade launcher flashes)

    I enjoy it because I get very worn out and frustrated trying to coordinate a platoon, with all the annoyances such as SM's that wont obey orders, wont cut the chatter when asked, complain a lot, all the while trying to coordinate with the Coalition. Honestly after awhile it gives me a headache because its so much to do and I feel like im always under pressure and constant scrutiny. This wears down on me after awhile (I am sure my SM's can tell when this happens) so occasionally cutting loose and doing a just for fun op like these or others (such as putting vehicles on top of gals) lets me relax for a bit and get refocused. So while it may seem to have no strategic benefit, trust me, it does.

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