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  • [INFO] Planetside 2 SOPs

    Superseded - New thread here -

    So over the holidays the Planetside 2 admin team has been working on some nice new SOPs for the TG outfit. These are NOT final. The links below will bring you to the various threads. As you can see they are locked. We DO want discussion on these and a thread will be opened to that effect, but we want the actual SOPs kept clean until we agree on any changes. Also, we would appreciate the CAA thread being engaged a little more to give us suggestions and alternative viewpoints. This game is still young, and still going through changes both here and at SOE, and to do that would really like the community to use the CAA thread a little more.

    TacticalGamer Planetside 2 Outfit SOPs

    General SOPs

    Contact Report SOPs

    Situation Report SOPs

    CC Acknowledgements SOPs

    NATO Phonetic Alphabet SOPs

    Fire Discipline SOPs

    SOP Discussion thread

    These SOPs will be the bible for the outfit. We will use these to enforce and discuss any issues we have, including player conduct. Read and learn them guys. Mostly they are nothing new, they are the usual TG SOPs that apply in any game we play. However it is worth refreshing your memory and ensuring that we as a community always play to these.
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