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Smedley, Cheating, and the Banhammer

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  • [INFO] Smedley, Cheating, and the Banhammer

    "I wanted to briefly explain how we approach banning and clear up some misconceptions out there.
    First off. If we have clear evidence of a person cheating we ban them. We search for any other accounts they have and we ban those too. We have very good hacking detection algorithms. They aren't perfect though. There are some things that are very hard to detect. There is no "7 day ban". That's a myth. Sometimes we suspend someone for 7 days. This is typically someone who is breaking a rule but it doesn't warrant banning. Sometimes we suspend people for something while we actually suspect them of cheating. We'll watch them when they come back and the GM's are able to watch people while they play to make sure we're satisfied they are cheating." -- Smedley [more at links below]

    [–]j_smedley[S] 206 points 2 days ago
    "...that is absolutely correct. But we have tools to catch them too. It can just take a bit longer. This is the .0001% of cheaters. Most are morons."



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