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Incoming update to General Outfit SOPs

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Incoming update to General Outfit SOPs

    This is a rewrite of the current General SOP thread found in the Official Rules, Announcements & SOPs forum. We would like to get input from the rest of the community before it's finalized. I'll leave this thread open for a few days of commentary before posting the final version. Please keep in mind that this is the General Outfit SOPs and they are supplemented by the more detailed individual SOPs found in the same forum.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

    Planetside 2 General Outfit SOPs

    Proper conduct

    Members must read the Tactical Gamer Primer and agree to act in a manner consistent with the play style that is outlined in it. If you feel this play style is not suited to your gaining maximum certs or other in game rewards, then perhaps a reassessment of your desire to be at Tactical Gamer is in order. As per the Primer, we play for each other, not points or unlocks.

    Tactical Gamer expects our members to behave in a mature fashion, whether it's in-game or on the forums. Here are some of our ground rules -

    No swearing.
    No abusive behavior.
    No racist, sexist or discriminatory comments.
    Respect for other players must be maintained at all times.
    Respect the chain of command and follow squad and platoon leader orders.

    Inappropriate or unsociable behavior by our members will be dealt with at the discretion of Outfit Administration. Possible sanctions that OA might initiate include but are not limited to suspension or removal from the Outfit, issuance of forum account infractions or requiring additional training.


    Use the in-game voip channels for all squad and platoon comms when possible. For non-critical info, use the appropriate text chat channel.

    Why do we use in-game voip when we have a perfectly good Teamspeak3 server? Planetside 2's voip and text systems allow us to perform all necessary platoon level command and control functions via a platform that is usable by all players, not just TG members as would be the case with Teamspeak. TG members are encouraged to interact with public players so it doesn't make a lot of sense to wall ourselves off and not show outside players how we do what we do.

    Company level multi-platoon ops may require Teamspeak for command level comms.

    In-game voip channel usage.

    Outfit - Since this channel is heard by all Outfit members, it should be used for Outfit business and announcements only. To ask for a squad/platoon invite, use Outfit text chat or Teamspeak.

    Platoon - To be used by the platoon leader and the squad leaders only. Squad members should relay info to their SL unless specifically asked to use the PL channel.

    Squad - Used by the SL and squad members.

    Proximity - Use for localized fire team coordination, or other close range comms that the whole squad might not need to hear.

    General Squad and Platoon SOPs

    Chain of Command

    Always follow orders and respect the chain of command. Squad members follow squad leader orders. Squad leaders follow platoon leader orders. Platoon leaders follow company commander orders.

    If you disagree with your orders or are not happy with the units' mission, feel free to join another squad or start your own. Do not back seat lead, belly ache about not earning certs or otherwise hassle the platoon or squad leader with unsolicited feedback. In-game is not the time for debate. Bring issues, like differing opinions on tactics, to the forums and start a positive discussion or After Action Report(AAR) to explore the matter.

    Joining a squad

    Check the Outfit box in your squad browser. Don't check the Friends box as that takes precedence over the Outfit box. If you still can't locate a squad after checking the browser, ask in Outfit text chat. If there's no reply in Outfit chat, or you don't see an invite, ask for one in Teamspeak.

    Starting a Squad

    Naming Convention - Call it - <continent> - <alpha/bravo/delta/air/armor/specops/etc> - Recruiting.

    Ideally it will be open only to Outfit members initially, to get a "core" of TG guys in, to help your squad or platoon get up and running smoothly. It can then be opened to non TG players.

    Invite outfit members and watch Outfit chat for invite requests. Also invite local pubbies to the squad once it's open. If you see a guy next to you standing on [A] or covering your back, Q spot him and send him an invite using the commo rose.

    If you are in a non-public (locked) squad with your buddies you are welcome to create a temporary sub-channel for your group, in the PS2 channel. In-house Squad Members may use their TS squad channel if they prefer.

    Squad Member Preferred Practices

    Please wait for SL confirmation before executing orders heard via platoon voip. Breaking formation early could harm squad cohesion and effectiveness. Give the SL a chance to figure out the logistics and navigational issues involved in executing PL orders.

    In general, when given a task (AA, engy, medic, etc) by your SL, keep doing it unless told otherwise. If you are getting bored ask for a different role and try not to switch roles without letting the SL know.

    Please check with your SL prior to pulling any vehicle assets.

    To assist with unit cohesion, make sure to spawn at the location designated by your SL. When in doubt, hold spawn and ask the SL for instructions once there is a break in comms.

    Leaving the squad

    As a courtesy to your SL, please announce when you are exiting so that the SL and squad know you are no longer able to perform your role or task.

    Disbanding a squad

    If the SL or PL of a TG named unit has to leave, he or she should give the position to another TG member. If that's not possible and a non-TG player would become SL or PL, rename the respective units so is not used in the title. Try to use a name like Teamwork or Voip and include the continent of operation. Taking these steps before exiting the unit are crucial in order to stop non-TG members from potentially misrepresenting us, even if it's unintentional.

    Problem Players

    Squad members should report problem players to their squad leader. Squad leaders should remove players that are not following orders or are otherwise causing a disruption. The SL should first attempt contact and correction with the problem player. If that does not get them in line, either remove them from the squad yourself or if you're an SL in a platoon, report the player's name to your PL via platoon text chat and request their removal. Platoon leaders, please remove players asap when requested.

    If a TG player is not following your orders, or is otherwise breaking the TG Primer, please report them in our Planetside 2 Contact Outfit Administration forum.

    Players can use the in-game "/Report <Player Name>" feature to report harassment, suspected hacking or other issues directly to SOE.

    Suicide tactics

    Members must not employ tactics or in-game actions that will intentionally or in all likelihood result in their own death. Redeploying is not suicide. It's Scotty beaming you up and then down somewhere else.


    Do not use exploits. This is covered in the Primer, and the simplest way to think about it is "Does doing this give me an unfair/unintended advantage?" If yes, please desist.

    Joining the Outfit/Recruitment/

    Joining the Outfit

    We are actively recruiting for the TG Outfit. If you are interested in joining, please follow the instructions in the Outfit Info and Applications thread.

    In-game Recruitment

    Our members are by far our best recruiting resource. Most of us were brought to TG by randomly experiencing an awesome TG led squad in whatever game we favored at the time. We would like to continue to attract like minded players, so it's quite important that we all set a great example in game. Every time. Do your best to let folks know what TG is all about.

    Outfit Officers and NCOs (Recruiters) can provide real time Outfit invites. If someone asks for an Outfit invite, please Friend them so you don't forget their name. Check to see if a Recruiter is available to send a real time invite to the player. If none are available, save the players name so that you can forward it to a Recruiter when you see one online. You can also let the player know they can try again later or, alternatively, you can provide them with our website address - so the player can get more info or submit an Outfit application.

    Periodically, Recruiters will be advertising the website and TS address via platoon or squad chat. In addition, Recruiters and other members will occasionally use in-game voip to let folks know more about TG and how to join the Outfit. Players you squad with may have questions about TG so please be as helpful as you can. If you are unable to assist them, you could refer them to an Outfit NCO or Officer if one is available or let them know our website address so they can find more info.
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    Re: Incoming update to General Outfit SOPs

    Originally posted by P.Drona View Post
    No swearing.
    I will continue to diligently work on this.

    Originally posted by P.Drona View Post
    Outfit - Since this channel is heard by all Outfit members, it should be used for Outfit business and announcements only. To ask for a squad/platoon invite, use Outfit text chat or Teamspeak.
    Does this apply at all times, or during special events? More often then not, outfit chat from what I've seen is what people have used just for general chat and buffonery outside of the whole "super tactical" mindset. I understand if we're running squads the need for concise PL/SL chats, but can we not have one where we just talk openly with each other? <insert use of squelching a channel if you don't want to hear it>

    Originally posted by P.Drona View Post
    Squad Member Preferred Practices
    This I find is more a problem with Non-TG members than actual TG, bt I'm glad to see this here.

    Originally posted by P.Drona View Post
    Disbanding a squad
    Good to see this here.

    Do these changes just constitute overall new/amended introductions while still continuing with the use of other SOPs (ex the use of "CC" in chat?)

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      Re: Incoming update to General Outfit SOPs

      Serj, Outfit voip should never be used for casual conversations. Your lull in the fighting might be another squad's thick of the fight so keep the channel clear. Use a temporary channel in TS or one of the text chat channels to carry on your conversation.

      Do these changes just constitute overall new/amended introductions while still continuing with the use of other SOPs (ex the use of "CC" in chat?)
      See OP - "Please keep in mind that this is the General Outfit SOPs and they are supplemented by the more detailed individual SOPs found in the same forum. "

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        Re: Incoming update to General Outfit SOPs

        Missed that last line then. Unfortunate about outfit chat but es is the SOPs.

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