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Planetside 2 RoundTable 27 April @ 10PM GMT

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  • [EVENT] Planetside 2 RoundTable 27 April @ 10PM GMT

    TacticalGamer Planetside 2 RoundTable
    A discussion on "How to be an Effective Squad Member" with guests DiscoJedi and SuperDudeBT.

    This Saturday the 27th of April at 10PM GMT, join us on TeamSpeak as Xen talks to some of the community's most effective squad members.

    While our outfit is beginning to grow it's roster of squad and platoon leaders, we have to remind ourselves that before we can be leaders, we have to be good squad members. With that in mind, our guests will be highlighting what they do on the battlefield that makes them such a valuable squad asset. You'll have a chance to gain further insight into their approach as well as contribute your perspective on what makes an effective squad member.

    "How do I attend?"
    This is not an in-game event. You merely need to be in the "PlanetSide 2 Roundtable" channel on the TacticalGamer Teamspeak server at 7pm EST to participate. Of course, there's nothing to stop you from playing while listening in.

    "What's the format?"
    After introductions, our host will ask our guests for their own perspectives on the subject, in addition to a few selected community questions.

    Our host will then open the floor to you for your thoughts. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions during the discussion by using the TS channel chat. If you have any questions in mind, please post them below to help ensure your question gets asked and so our guests can prepare an answer that your question deserves! Our guests may also ask for feedback from you on their perspective.

    We try to keep the discussion down to 45 minutes, but all are welcome to continue discussion after the event.

    We'll rely on your politeness to listen to your host, other people's questions and our guest's answers. The TG code of conduct and will be enforced and the audio session will be recorded.

    "What happens if I can't make it?"
    If you miss the event itself, we'll be posting the audio for posterity.

    "What can I post below?"
    Any questions or comments on the subject of being an effective squad member.

    "Who made that awesome poster?"
    All thanks to Aimed.

    Date: Saturday April 27th 2013
    Time: 10 PM GMT sharp to 10:45 GMT
    Location: TacticalGamer.Com TeamSpeak Server (, channel "PlanetSide 2 Roundtable".

    This event is open to ALL community members.

    Previous Episode: Squad and Platoon Leading with BigGaayAl & E-Male (Audio)

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    Re: Planetside 2 RoundTable 27 April @ 10PM GMT

    Just a reminder, if you are in Eastern Time (as I am, and many are, as Mattherson is a US East server) we are currently in EDST = Eastern Daylight Saving Time, which is -4 off GMT, instead of the usual -5 hours. In other words, this event will begin at 6 PM EDST (Eastern Time).
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      Re: Planetside 2 RoundTable 27 April @ 10PM GMT

      With great regret I will have to miss this one due to travel. I look forward to listening to an audio record of it, if possible!



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        Re: Planetside 2 RoundTable 27 April @ 10PM GMT

        Thanks for the portrait. "Un Canadien Paris." Given the French also have l'Internet, your excuse is denied. Vous ne regrettez rien. ;-)


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          Re: Planetside 2 RoundTable 27 April @ 10PM GMT

          Some potential questions for tonight:

          What attributes do you look for in a good squad member?

          What are 2 things a player can do to make them more effective?

          Do you have any tips or hints for a new player starting in the game?

          As a community, what can we do to improve and help our squad members?


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            Re: Planetside 2 RoundTable 27 April @ 10PM GMT

            Audio from last night's Roundtable:


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              Re: Planetside 2 RoundTable 27 April @ 10PM GMT

              Hi my name is Randy and I like to get naked.

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                Re: Planetside 2 RoundTable 27 April @ 10PM GMT

                Haha. I have the audio. Will keep it for when I need Randy to nominate me for a ribbon.


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                  Re: Planetside 2 RoundTable 27 April @ 10PM GMT

                  Missed it, but listening now!




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