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Possible Upcoming Sunder Military Gaming [SMG] and NC Coalition (NCC) Combined Ops

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Possible Upcoming Sunder Military Gaming [SMG] and NC Coalition (NCC) Combined Ops

    I spoke to one of the leaders of Sunder Military Gaming [SMG] the other evening at length after he rolled in our platoon for most of the evening. They are doing a combined op with AACE this Friday (tomorrow) and I told him that we did the same last Friday and our experience was good.

    They seem like a very organized Outfit, they actually do training on certain nights and have dedicated Armor, Air, and Infantry groups. He sad they usually run one Armor squad, one Air squad, and two Infantry squads.

    He was talking tentatively about maybe this next Friday. It was even mentioned the possibility of doing a combined op with SMG and AACE at a future date if the SMG+AACE op goes well on their side tomorrow. I thought that would be an awesome idea, what a lot of troops, we could take on The Enclave / Black Widow Company / BuzzLightyear Space Ranger, I hate it when they roll us strictly due to their superior numbers.

    Also, for those who may not be aware, I do idle (and sometimes participate!) in NC Coalition (NCC) TeamSpeak (in a different tab from TG) almost every night and I have started to get to know some of those guys. In fact, DZire, leader of CML (and very involved in NCC) contacted me the other night and sent me a link to an upcoming NCC ops night, where all of the participating Outfits try to get together and do a massive combined op. When I say massive, there are some big Outfits in there, like The Ascended [TAS] which have around 3000 members. I am not sure how organized they are, or how active all those members are, but that is a big Outfit any way you slice it. But from what I can tell, most of the active Outfits in NCC are more our size and of similar disposition, in other words rolling an organized platoon +/- and trying to employ some sort of tactics and organization.

    My wheels are turning thinking of ways to roll Buzz Lightyear, to give him a little bit of what he gives us some times... :icon_bigg

    I just checked the link DZire sent me and the next NCC Combined Ops night is this Saturday, 27/04/13 at 8 PM EDST. Interested Outfit representatives are asked to meet up in NCCs TeamSpeak server at 7 PM to discuss goals and objectives for the evening. That should be right about the time our Round Table is wrapping up, so I am planning to attend. If any other of our leadership are interested please PM me and I can share the login info with you (it is passworded, to keep the spiez out!). :icon_bigg

    I have read some other posts about (mostly NCC) ops in the past that TG has done, and it seems as if they were not only done but went really well. I think that the AACE op went pretty well the other Friday when we did it, and I think it is in line with the spirit of the lore of the NC in game to operate in this sort of Coalition manner. I had gotten the concept of combined ops with another Outfit green lighted (green lit?) by a game Officer prior to the op with AACE, I was just wondering if anyone else had any input or thoughts before I committed us as I am only one person in the Outfit.

    Personally though, I think it is a great idea and would be a lot of fun. Discuss?
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    Re: Possible Upcoming Sunder Military Gaming [SMG] and NC Coalition (NCC) Combined Op

    Think we could finally push the Vanu out of Indar? I'm sick of fighting TEST and GOTR all the time and having them rick roll us.

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      Re: Possible Upcoming Sunder Military Gaming [SMG] and (NCC) Combined Ops

      Taking part in the combined op on Saturday sounds like it could be a blast.


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        Re: Possible Upcoming Sunder Military Gaming [SMG] and NC Coalition (NCC) Combined Op

        I would highly suggest working with SMG. I played with them a lot back in beta when TG was scattered all over the place. They're akin to our desire for tactical advancement within PS2

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          Re: Possible Upcoming Sunder Military Gaming [SMG] and NC Coalition (NCC) Combined Op

          The meeting is on right now for those with TS info.




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