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Double Station Cash This Weekend (4/27-4/28)

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Double Station Cash This Weekend (4/27-4/28)

    Looks like you will need to purchase a card at a 7-Eleven store in the U.S. though (sorry AlucarX!).

    Also, looks like it is 1500 SC for $15 with the 7-Eleven cards, instead of the 2000 you can get for $15 at Wal Mart. I have heard a lot of people buy those Wal Mart cards and hoard them until the next double/triple weekend, when they redeem them, cashing in $15 for essentially 4000 or 6000 SC which is like $40 or $60 worth (double / triple weekend, respectively). You need to buy the Wal Mart cards though whenever you see them, as they disappear when a double/triple weekend is upcoming.
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    Re: Double Station Cash This Weekend (4/27-4/28)

    Mine don't disappear during the triple SC weekends, I don't think. I'll have to check when I go back home this weekend. Though, I'd rather wait for the triple...

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