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  • [INFO] Outfit SOPs

    All Outfit members and recruits should familiarize themselves with our Outfit's Standard Operating Procedures. These SOPs have been developed in collaboration with the PS2 player base in order that we have some common basic practices that facilitate interoperability among the members. You will also find that knowledge of these SOPs will help you quickly integrate into many of the other game title communities within Tactical Gamer. Scroll through the TG Forums list to see what's on offer in addition to Planetside 2. You may find we support many of your favorite titles in some way.

    Outfit SOPs will typically steer clear of tactical doctrine. The information provided in the TG Primer is a sufficient guide-post for our members in this area. Consequently, strategies and tactics are developed by our outfit members and executed in-game through use of a Company/Platoon/Squad chain of command discussed in the General SOPs thread, linked below. Folks should also make a point of visiting the Strategy and Tactics forum to read, discuss or contribute to the several Field Operations [GUIDE]s that our members are working on.

    TG PS2 Outfit SOPs

    General SOPs

    Fire Discipline

    Contact Reports

    Situation Reports

    Platoon Communications

    NATO Phonetic Alphabet

    For questions or suggestions, please post in the semi-private Contact Outfit Administration forum.
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