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    I played alot of battlefield 1943 (at one point i was in the top 50 on ps3, and did a couple MLG matches) 95% of the time I was flying a plane. I loved dive bombing/ bombing runs over tanks and infantry. Last night I was flying a reaver and everytime I saw a enemy tank I would always say you are lucky this isnt 1943 or I will blow you apart.

    So the question is what do you guys think about dumb bombs? im not talking about 1000lb bombs more like 250lb enough to kill a tank with a direct hit. 2 on a sundy.

    A reaver can only carry one, and is effected by its weight.
    A gal could carry a handful.
    A lib wouldnt be allowed too.

    The bombs could be shot out of the sky with AA fire, and could be shot off of the aircraft.

    let me know what you guys think.

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    Re: Dumb Bombs

    bombs.. Gal.. /dies

    Neat idea and I actually thought of this too some time ago. I don't know what Ps1 had so I cant really project what they'll add in the future to Ps2, but... I dont think its far off to ask for bombs with our current technology we use. I mean rocket pods? Where are my Mavericks already??
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      Re: Dumb Bombs

      I like the idea so long as there is sound associated with the falling's one thing to get head shot by someone but some else entirely to waste a whole sundy with 2 bombs and no sound. Even the missile locks have a sound. But if they add that then they need to add being able to head shot the pilot too.


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        Re: Dumb Bombs

        I'd really rather not add anything that lets air attack while moving at top speed. Rocket pods v armor are actually surprisingly balanced now in that you either need to slow down (opening yourself up to flak, aa turrets, small arms, and rocket launchers) or approach from a very low angle at high speeds (opening yourself up to getting MBT cannon-sniped) to get most of your shots on that rear armor, which is also the only way you're going to take out a tank. Giving any air unit the ability to fire a single shot that can destroy armor while moving at high speed and high altitude would either be ridiculously overpowered or useless. There's pretty much no in between there. As for one hit-killls on tanks and two-hits on Sundies, well, all I can say is HELL NO. This is basically equivalent to "its ridiculous that my future sniper rifle doesn't have head-seeking bullets. Add plx"

        Also, why would you ever take that away from Libs? They're supposed to be the bomber unit, if anyone gets it they should.
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          Re: Dumb Bombs

          You shouldn't call them dumb. It hurts their feelings.
          Overall I think the rocket pods and the guns on libs do a good enough job as the anti-ground devices.


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            Re: Dumb Bombs

            No, drop it from a Gal! LOL

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              Re: Dumb Bombs

              If you ever get the chance to just try out a Single Player round of the BF1942 mod
              Forgotten Hope . . . tell me what you think. The bombing in that game, no the flying
              in that game, was simply the best I'd ever experienced in any arcade-esque shooter.
              Added pluses for the naval only matches (Midway and Atlantic are so perfect!) FH2 for
              BF2 is pretty good in the same regard.

              Personally I'd love a dumb bomb BUT I don't think their could be any balance afforded
              from any kind of weapon like so. Unless you have a seriously limited payload and must rearm
              it while simultaneously utilizing a utility slot (IE no flares or after burner modifications).

              The problem with the concept of a dumb bomb beyond balance (which admittedly anything
              can be appropriately balanced) is that the air physics of PS are very very simplified due to...
              NANITES!? There is no momentum to utilize and maneuvering is simply a game of having a well
              modded air frame and good control of your mouse.

              Now a dedicated ground attack bomber, one that is one manned, would be a perfect craft
              to try this on, but I'd doubt it could have the air superiority aspects you'd want.


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                Re: Dumb Bombs

                Yes! A fellow 1943 player! On the ps3 too!

                Bombs would be an interesting feature in the game but would have to handled with care. The players receiving the bomb would have to be notified that an airstrike would be coming and would also be good if they implemented a timer before the bombs came falling.

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