This has been brought up before, and I have not seen it happen in a long time. But it happened again the other day, I found a 2 squad platoon named TG "in the wild" and I joined up to see no names I recognized. Someone must have been running it and just left.

After waiting for the unresponsive SLs and PLs to drop, and making repeated announcements for everyone to drop out of platoon (via VOIP and text) I eventually got someone who became PL to kick everyone out. But not before being called a 40 year old virgin, dork, etc. by a bunch of 12 year olds (I presume) saying "oh, it's just a game, you take it too serious, etc...."

This has happened before in the past, but as I said not for a while. Just a reminder that when it's time to go, you must do one of the following (in order of preference):

1.Turn the squad / platoon over to a known, trusted TG member (preferably an NCO or Officer).

2.Disband the squad / platoon by kicking everyone out (do NOT simply type /platoon disband (or whatever the command is) as that only separates the platoon into it's constituent squads.

3.Turn the squad / platoon over to non TG people and insure all the recruiting messages are changed.

#3 is the last option for a reason. Many people do not seem to know how to update their squad naming correctly. Others will say they did it but if you drop and check they surely did not. The only way to do #3 correctly is for the PL to cycle someone who really knows what they are doing through all squads and promote them to SL so they can change the messages. And then put the original SLs back. Usually that is too much effort and chances for things to go wrong but I will sometimes make an exception and do it if a particular group are a bunch of good and well mannered people.