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    To keep the tips thread clean, I started this for discussion:

    Originally posted by starstriker1 View Post
    A bit more on flying backwards in an ESF (commonly referred to as the reverse manuever):

    1) The standard reverse manuever is done, as described, by turning onto your side, decelerating, pitching down, and using the vertical thrusters. The reason this works is because it's the fastest way to kill your momentum and trigger the hover mode. However, this is ALSO a good manuever even without then using your afterburners to fly backwards, because it's actually the fastest way to turn your aircraft around as well!

    (as a bonus: this all works because the ESFs pitch down faster than they pitch up, so a good habit to be in is to (counter-intuitively) pitch down when turning in a dogfight, even if you're not decelerating to perform this manuever, as it will give you a turning advantage. Pitching down turns faster!)

    2) There is a second reverse manuever you can do that works on similar principles, but unlike the regular hard turn does NOT leave you vulnerable to a burst from your pursuers while you're waiting for your engines to flip down! It's executed by flying in a straight line. Decelerate, flip your aircraft upside down, and start using the vertical thrust. Once you're upside down, start pitching your nose down (towards the sky) until your thrusters flip down (usually around the 100-130KPH mark, which I care about since I often do this from first person), at which point you can afterburn backwards.

    If properly executed, you'll have flipped while maintaining most of your speed, will be rocketing skywards on your afterburners, and you'll be facing your pursuer head on. During the entire course of the manuever, you're a difficult target compared to a more predictable hard turn. This has become one of my favourite ways to turn the tables on a pursuer in a dogfight scenario.
    Ah, nice trick and great description Starstriker!

    I think I actually saw a great example of this earlier, fighting Insolence and some other pilots. I got behind one, but he immediately stopped, spun around and shot skywards in hover. Now, if I were in hover, that wouldn't be too bad, but it took longer for me to break than him and he got more rounds out of it than I (after my opening). Not to mention his wingman, who was infront, turned around to come get me.

    Any advice on fighting it also? Perhaps flipping upside down, pitching nose down and deliberately vertical thrusting underneith?

    I hadn't heard about pitch down being faster than up; I think I've had alternate moments of thinking one seems faster than the other. I'd love to verify it in VR though.

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    Re: Fighter Piloting Discussion

    As far as combating it, I'd advise NOT continuing to fly straight at them, because you'll be on a very predictable trajectory as you arc up towards them and they'll be a tough target. Not totally sure what the best approach is. One option might be to slow down yourself and prepare for the hover fight. Another, possibly crazy approach would to be to step on the gas and go right underneath them. I haven't had a lot of opportunity to try it out... not many pilots seem to use it. The ones that do are pretty good, though, so you can expect the return fire to be pretty nasty...




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