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  • [INFO] Recruit = rewards!

    SOE has just started a new program where you can send out invitations to your friends, or just whoever. If they join, they get a welcome kit (a specific LMG for each faction and a 1 day boost). If they join and spend $10 within 60 days, they get another reward and then they count as a recruit to go toward your bonuses. For each recruit that you get (they have to spend the $10 first), you can choose one of three 1 day boosts. And then when you reach certain amounts of recruits (25 recruits is the highest tier, 2 is the lowest), you get several rewards. Things like weapons, camo, helmets, decals, lumifiber, resource boosts, etc. There's even some helmets that you can only get this way on the higher tiers.

    This is where you get started to become a recruiter:

    So, on that note, here's my link if there's anyone who wants to join. I think it would be a nice thing for anyone else who wants to join the recruit program to post their link on this thread. Then new folks coming in can click on a random person's link, or maybe someone's who they know from previous games or who otherwise got them interested in the game.

    For new recruits:

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    Re: Recruit = rewards!

    Totally doing this:

    Free Market Capitalism needs Competition!

    Wyattman's recruiting office!




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