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  • [INFO] Roles

    The theory that everything is connected is an old one and brought into current times with new applications of the connection (Buddha silver thread/string theory), but the fact that we are all connected by the roles we play on PS2 is very evident.

    No one role stands apart from the other roles in a manner that it is unto itself self-sufficing. Pick any role and stick it out on the battlefield and see how long it last without an comrade supporting it and it in turn supporting the other. The closest one can get to self-sufficing is the engineer who can supply his own ammo, set up anti-tank/anti-infantry guns, repair his turrets and vehicles, lay tank mines and can carry C4. But the engineer can not heal himself if he sustains injury. The lowest common denominator to battle is the ability to heal. The medic can not heal himself (not withstanding the limited medical/restoration devices), so he needs another medic to stay in the fight. The medic in turns needs the other roles to protect him as he heals. The medic is the PS2 on scene equivalent to the re-spawn. Which is why they are the objects of targeting by the opposition and need the protection.

    Join a pubby squad and you'll see a Me, Me,Me attitude, yes there are objectives relayed, conveyed, and contrived. But once the action starts then for the most part your standing by yourself, with the exception of the medics who main job is to keep people up and fighting. In a outfit that Me, Me, Me attitude should be suspended and the tactical collective of the whole should in a quasi-fight/support mode. There are "fringe" roles would seem to contradict this view though. The sniper/recon role would appear to encourage the self-sufficing aspect and in a way it does, but the role does it's job with the over view that what it accomplishes is for the betterment of the outfit as a whole with the understanding that once the objective is complete then the role rejoins the squad to move to the next objective.

    With a squad the roles interact with each other via comms, clear and concise information concerning the fighting at hand.

    You can extend the role supportive aspects to vehicle and aircraft as well, an aspect that our enemy understands very well.

    It doesn't make any difference how brilliant a tactical plan can be, if the roles aren't in a quasi-fighting/support mentality then it will fail utterly and completely. The only way and I mean ONLY way to defeat the enemy without the supportive aspect of squad members, is in sheer numbers.

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    Re: Roles

    The infiltrator has direct applicable value in combat to a squad. Hacking, Sensor Darts, and the Scout Rifles all serve to allow the class some survivablity with the regular infantry squad. The infiltrator can serve as conventional Designated Marksman and with the ability for decoy/emp grenades is able to really be an impact in Close Quarters. Tie in an SMG and the ability to cloak and you've got a very capable infantry man.

    Roles are very important in this game and I'd love to see TG strive to give Best Practices/Guides for squad interplay for the various classes.




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