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  • [INFO] Drop Pod Changes!

    Originally posted by Malorn
    We don't plan on removing drop pods, but a polish pass on them is in progress. The following is what is planned, but of course is subject to change.

    1) Drop pod maneuverability reduced so they drop closer to their origin points.

    2) Instant action origin points changed such that attacker pods spawn in a doughnut shape around the facility while defender pods spawn near the center.

    3) Squad spawn changing to be like redeploy but does the quick-deploy-to-squad behavior that currently works at the warpgate.

    4) Squad beacon will go on cooldown when a player becomes squad leader.

    Feedback is welcome!

    Not gonna solve everything but it's a good start (no mention on ETA). Instant action, squad deploy and the squad beacon currently offer too many easy ways to get exactly where you want in a fight. Even with the changes, appearing out of nowhere (sometimes taking a moment to render) is still really powerful, particularly with explosives. I'd love to see them add a half-second to second delay before you can move, while the landed drop pod cracks open.

    It's good to finally see the simple fix for the "pass me SL" exploit. Not everyone avoids things like that :(

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    Re: Drop Pod Changes!

    No more drop podding enemy ESF = sad face.

    But in all seriousness I don't like this change, it's so much fun to drop pod right in the "middle" spire of an outpost and work your way down. Sure, people exploit this system (already mentioned squad hopping), but these maneuverable pods also have great tactical use. I've seen many TacticalGamer Sl's (Including me :D) all redeploy via squad beacon and use the pods to deploy right behind the enemy or in some cases, right on top of them!

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      Re: Drop Pod Changes!

      That just means that more SLs will have to start running as LA to get the beacon in the perfect spot. ;)

      Hint: the bright light areas on top of vehicle ammo towers are perfect!


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        Re: Drop Pod Changes!

        Some solid changes all around. Shame I wont be able to see my steel rain theory in practice :(.

        Was fun while it lasted :D. I hope, in some future version, they implement capital ships and drop pods.


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          Re: Drop Pod Changes!

          No worries, Ytman, we tried it out and it was awe inspiring. :)




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