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  • Conversations I love to have

    Today on Esmir with Ladylucia platoon leading I was sniping and had this conversation with a TR member in private chat.

    [TELL] [MikeyMontana]: hey

    [TELL] [MikeyMontana]: where are you at?

    [TELL] [MikeyMontana]: stroytov says to stop shooting him (a sniper I head shot 4 times after he killed me once)

    You told MikeyMontana:tell stroytov I'll teach him how to snipe if he wants

    You told MikeyMontana: I've taught VS too

    You told MikeyMontana: and tell him I'm right in front of him but decloak a sec b4 the shot

    [TELL] [MikeyMontana]: hes making us hunt you now

    You told MikeyMontana: lol..........

    You told MikeyMontana: I've left the area, tell storytov he can breath easier

    [TELL] [MikeyMontana]: copy, what outfit are you in?

    You told MikeyMontana: TG....tactical gamer

    I've gotten similar conversation with the VS as well and have taught a few of them how to me, this is what gaming is all about. Yes they are the enemy, but they can be friends too. Let us never forget there are 'real' people at the end of our connection. And treat all with dignity and least those that deserve it, the rest.......well just head shoot.

    Edit: An excellent example how 1 person can occupy the attention of an entire squad, making them forget about the objective points and everything else in the pursuit of trying to find you. That's what the sniper/infil class can do my brethren. Play and enjoy to the fullest..........

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    Re: Conversations I love to have

    Conspiring with the enemy are you? Trading classified information to our foes? I say traitor!!! :D




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