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  • [INFO] Armor Details

    Provided by Ps2 wikia!

    According to this we can gleam a lot of information with minimal trial/error.

    The armor values of vehicles are buffs from damage and the resistance values are damage multipliers.

    For example to know how much damage a Phoenix does to a Magrider's front we do the following

    # 1 Calculate the modified damage

    750+1.67*750 = 2002.5 (Decimator level damage)

    # 2 Calculate Vehicle Resistance

    .63 * 2002 = 1261

    # 3 Subtract Vehicle Resistance from Adjusted Damage

    2002 - 1261 = 741 Real Damage

    (Shots to kill is the health value, 4000, divided by the real damage values. In this case 6 shots. Is this accurate to ingame results? I ask because I did some Titan AP tests against the Magrider I got 5 shots.)

    Also according to this the AV Mana turret only deals base damage to vehicles. Assuming the other data is right this means that it only dealls 370 damage to armored targets. This means upwards of 10 shots to kill a tank.

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    Re: Armor Details

    Perhaps that's incorrect or out of date. The AV Mana turret hits like a brick, and shreds Sunderers (let alone tanks).


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      Re: Armor Details

      I wonder if the AV mana turret ignores the Armor resistance? That'd put it within the range of the 4 shots to kill that it tends to get. I've heard that it deals damage based on the vector of the missile itself and not the person firing the missile.


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        Re: Armor Details

        I've heard the opposite. You can arc the missile around to hit a tank in the back, but if the originating position of the launcher is to the side of the tank, you'll do side damage instead


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          Re: Armor Details

          Indeed, it's the projection from the shooter to the target that determines damage calculation, like a laser beam, in a way. So, whatever your projectile trajectory is (or seems to be), you will hit the part directly exposed to your sight.
          And I might add that this is particularly important for air attacks like an ESF or a Lib diving with his canon on a MBT: upper than 45 toward the target, you hit the top, not the rear.

          However, I wonder how it works with the Phoenix, since the missile is player driven - hence the 300m render limitation.

          Don't forget that, for quick and basic simulations, there is already this tool online: . While outdated, it may help to understand how damage calculation works - since the "direct hit + splash" is kinda tricky.

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            Re: Armor Details

            This is an assumption based on how other damages are dealt. According to some digging on PSUniverse I found that the AV Mana turret is different for some reason. This could explain the massive damages it feels like it dishes out.

            Other anecdotal evidence suggest it deals the exact same damage the decimator deals.




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