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    I've recently started trying to improve some of my air skills, since i play infantry 99% of the time. I've been practicing with my lib in particular, but i've found its hard to work on my skills without a partner who I can communicate with and find out what is working and what isnt. Some pub who sits silently in the gunner seat doesn't do me much good. So I'm looking for someone I can team up with on a semi-regular basis to practice with. We can both switch back and forth gunning and piloting so we both get some good experience. It doesn't matter if you have a stock lib because I think the shredder is amazing. I myself have all the lib guns, some auto-repair, and flares. So who is interested?

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    Re: Lib partner

    I'd be happy to gun/pilot with you, when I'm online (since I can't book regular trainings), but in game comms are a pain. We should meet on TS. From my experience, a chatcom with clear voice activation is worth a fully upgraded Lib.

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      Re: Lib partner

      I'm game if we're ever on at the same time. I fly a lot but I've been wanting more experience gunning. The friend that I usually run with can't fly to save his life, even having him pull a lib is a gamble.

      I've got Thermal optics plus a couple reload speeds on both Dalton and Zephyr, a 60% complete Tank Buster, full auto-repair, a couple levels each in flares and afterburner, and full vertical thrust airframe(don't judge, I like it...)

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        Re: Lib partner

        I defiantly need work on my piloting as well. I have been recently using the shredder with Cairbr, which normally turns out quite well however, he has told me I've got a bit of polishing to do.

        I have the lvl 3 precision bomber and lvl 2 High-G airframes.
        My shredder has been certed to 60 rounds and has 2.5x zoom.
        My dalton has 2.5x (no reload yet)
        Thermal on my zepher(no reloads yet as well) .
        although I normally roll with lvl 3 auto repair and flares, I have lvl 3 flak and fire suppression in the off chance AA gets a bit heavy.


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          Re: Lib partner

          I love lib piloting and would be happy to work as a pilot/gunner pair with anyone.

          My lib is basically maxed for the way I use it.
          High G airframe Max level. Flak Armor Max Level. Flares Max Level.
          My focus is the the Dolton Anti-tank gun with maxed out faster reload and several levels of zoom.
          I have the Zepher anti-infantry main gun with zoom, and thermal optics certed. Some reload speed certed for that too, maybe 2 or 3 levels.
          I have the anti-tank nose gun, with a few levels of upgrades. (2 or 3)
          I have some upgrades on the other weapons. including the anti ground and air tail guns.
          (I basically have every lib weapon available with some upgrades done on each, the level varies. Dolton being most upgraded.)

          Cairbr, I agree with you about the comms. Good comms between the pilot and gunner(s) is a must. I am constantly chatting with my gunner and it would be most helpful to have our own channel, such as through TS.

          Let's bomb some time guys!

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            Re: Lib partner

            I could help you out as well. I have my fancy Pink Glass Lib with very thin maxed out, from ammo to reload speed. And a tip to everyone worried of drop pods, if it hits your side, it only brings your health down to half health. So get on your side and you should live a lot longer.
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