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  • [INFO] Interesting read.
    I think he has some good ideas to make the game better. Some I'm not sure of but hey i would give most a go.


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    Re: Interesting read.

    Wrel is a dedicated player and give this game a lot of in depth thought. But there are some issues with the game that are sub-system problems that need to be sorted out as well.

    1) The spawn system as it currently sits is ridiculous and the options available now require you to makes multiple spawns jumps to get to where the fight is.
    2) Faction dis-connect. Yesterday during an alert the NC with a pop of 51% (or so it said before disconnect) disconnected. All of this while winning the alert, when you logged back on you found that the NC had lost 2 territories because the TR didn't disconnect. This has happened twice within a month.
    3) Weapons firing into spawn shields is still occurring.
    4) Weapons are still not cross compatible, NC crows can't catch a harrasser, Strikers can hit you 5 times from further away and through terrain.

    And there are more but these are best known from the NC point of view, I'm sure there are issues from the VS and TR perspective as well. If you build a house then you need a firm foundation, right now the foundation isn't nearly as firm as it needs to be in order to move forward regardless of how you change the meta-game. But I'm glad to see that they have stopped everything else to make the game fps higher........


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      Re: Interesting read.

      I skimmed it due to time constraints but feel that the biggest 'yes' I can give is to the 'Territories should be bigger. Outposts/small bases should not exist on the general lattice system but be components of a bigger hex system.' I don't know what the details are he's thinking about but it'd be a lot more interesting if a Continent was separated into 'Regions' and for you to move from that region into another region you'd have to control it properly.

      Esamir's revamp kinda did it without doing it. There are explicit regions to control due to lattice flow.


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        Re: Interesting read.

        Thanks for the link.

        My general thoughts are "way too complicated, fiddly, and focused on minutia, but some interesting thoughts".

        For the resource system, I really don't like his system. The system that SOE is talking about implementing is much more in line with how I'd design things. Resources should represent the supplies the player brings with them, not another form of currency. Resources should spur a logistical challenge. I also like how the SOE solution reduces everything to a single resource, makes cutting off territory important, and adds smaller scale tertiary objectives (ANTs and resource mines) that become interesting spaces to play for smaller squads, both in terms of escorting resource carriers and hunting them down. I'd have gone further than SOE did, but I overall like what they're describing.

        DO NOT like the idea of making vehicles like C4 and grenades by including a garage. That's a rotten system for the grenades and C4 and it should be killed with fire, not expanded!

        However, something Wrel brings up later on touches on something I've been tossing around in my head: a "special" resource that you use for purchasing premium/2nd tier equipment and modules on classes and vehicles. "Need more vespene gas", etc. As a noticeable force multiplier, it'd drive some interesting strategic gameplay if sufficiently rare.

        I liked the idea of a micro-lattice for capturing a base. I've never liked sitting down on points and waiting out a timer, I'd really rather there be more capture points that have to be captured in order in order to fully cap the base. If the base is getting steamrolled, it's steamrolled, and the fight doesn't last long, but having to go through the lattice and capture pieces of the base in order provides the "buffer" needed for strategic considerations without having to sit on a point/spawn camp. There's something to that idea.

        The idea of non-critical bases on a lattice link is interesting. Not sure how I feel about it. I'd really just like a few more options on the lattice, like being able to hit all the satellites of a base from one another and encircle something like a Bio Lab, which makes even more sense once resources can be cut off and the base starved into submission instead of having to engage in a Bio Lab grind (in exchange for time spent).

        I am very onboard with the idea of providing BIG limits and bonuses to major facilities. I've always liked the dynamic Eisa has on Esamir... I've run tank squadrons with and without that tech plant, and the need to go back to warpgate for MBTs is a huge and interesting logistical concern. Breaking the zerg of the tech plant's often required going back to warpgate, pulling out a PROPER armour squad, and then driving it over to roll them up. Want more things like that.




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