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Gameplay experiments I will run in the near future.

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  • [INFO] Gameplay experiments I will run in the near future.

    Hi guys. These are just two ideas I have been having for some time now. I thought it might be helpful when I do try them, that some people get a head start on what I will be trying to do.

    1) Max Platoon

    Alhpa: Only MAXes with Aegis.
    Bravo: Only Medics
    Charly: Only Engis
    Delta: Only Gal pilots.

    THe idea is to test if this could work better for max-based phalanx style gameplay. I think this setup might be more efficient. THe supporting classes can communicate amongst themselves organizing the spread of engis and medics, avoiding cluster*****. THe maxes in one squad will have an easier time setting up and getting new memebrs up to speed.

    Possibly it could be two squads of MAXes, one of mixed engis+medics.
    I included the gal pilot incase Randy joins :D.

    A max phalanx does not need spawns, it's all about survival. However the medics/engi squad(s) can make use easily of beacons without any hassle for the MAXes.

    2) Heavy/Medic platoon.

    Alhpa: Only heavies
    Bravo: Only medics
    Charly: Only heavies
    Delta: Only medics

    *Problem: where to fit a very few engis for ammo;seperate squad/with medics/with engis/one engi per squad/...

    I'm hoping new ways of organizing could show previously unnoticed advantages, or could be fun.

    Any way, if you see me as PL, and everyone in your squad has the same kit...

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    Re: Gameplay experiments I will run in the near future.

    Delta squad would be only Gal pilots? Considering you would only require (minimum) 3 gal's in total I feel like this would be bit of a waste of perfectly good troops.
    What if the Gal squad were converted into a more Hit'n run squad with gals in the mix?
    the excess troops could be either serving in harrassers, reavers or liberators that would focus down other siege based targets such as other ESF's, harrassers or tanks that keep their distance.
    Max units typically struggle at downing vehicles at range, opening themselves up to suppression and more attacks. However this way the Max's are granted much a wider and safer environment as well as the ability to specialize their kits a bit more knowing that they won't need bursters and sometimes AV in general).


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      Re: Gameplay experiments I will run in the near future.

      For full squads you'd require minimum 4 gals due to the (unfortunate) inability to carry a full squad plus a pilot.

      Excess players can be Battle Gal gunners. :D A full squad gives 1 pilot and 2 gunners per galaxy while still allowing the full infantry haul.

      Of course, for transport I'd scatter the squads across different galaxies. That way if one gets whacked you don't wind up on target with all medics and no maxes... or all maxes and no engineers. :P
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        Re: Gameplay experiments I will run in the near future.

        @ both; keep in mind that I'm not starting from a full platoon. We rarely have that anyway. Also your population in the platoon is changing so much that I don't want to count how many vehicles or whatever exactly I would want. THere is no use for me in doing something that we can only do for like one hour.

        I'm always looking for interesting new things to do, or new wayt to do old things, but that are scale-able as much as possible.

        In fact part of the reason for this idea in the first place is to use the available squad space we have to support ease of operation. Another element is making the Platoon more like one unit, and diminishing the scope of the SL role.
        I think it might be easier to find or even just appoint squadleaders if their job is made simpeler and more clear.

        I just put that in there because it can be fun to drop in phalanx squad somewhere.

        The nature of phalanx play is that you get your whole team into battle, and stay alive unsupported as long as possible. You want to keep enough firepower as long as possible so that your medics can keep it all going. Due to MAX respawn timers and resource costs, it is not feasible to use respawns at all really. Only a complex rotation system could overcome this (e.g; when phalanx goes down, all engis and medics go MAX and all MAX swith to engi+medic).

        So you end up fighting as long and possible, but then spawning the whole platoon in a safe spot, often warpgate. THis is where the galaxy can come in handy. Often one or two should suffise if squads aren't full. In the end the only crucial crew are all the maxes and the SL's of the engis and medics.

        But, flying a gal in a squad like this is going to be boring/easy going. I think there will rarely be volunteers. If you run a battle gal, you're going to run into the problem of a lack of seats available, making you need three or four galaxies, which will take ages.

        THe whole Gal thing therefore is barely relevant. A sunderer, or some footwork, can achieve the same. Any transport vehicle is not needed for spawns anyway, so can be discarded. In fact, when you see a Sundy driving at you, 12/12....nobody expects 11 MAX units to suddenly appear from it.


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          Re: Gameplay experiments I will run in the near future.

          Not to be one to discourage experimentation, certainly experiment away, I would think that the argument of organization and coherence would work against this. I'd suggest that you'd garner more focus by segmenting the phalanx and having specific focus of certain support members on specific MAX units.

          I'm not trying to deter this testing, and I want this to be tested, but I'd think you'd have more tactical control with groups of pocketing Medics/Engineers. Now an extension of this maneuver to test as well would be the use of the MAX phalanx as a 'pulling' element with a combat infantry element behind them that is not the support group.

          Interesting locations to implement this would be all facilities.


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            Re: Gameplay experiments I will run in the near future.

            I thought about it, and it may be best in theory, but I think that is just too complicated in practice. SO that 'll be for you to do :p.


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              Re: Gameplay experiments I will run in the near future.

              Originally posted by BigGaayAl View Post
              I included the gal pilot incase Randy joins :D.
              Thanks for keeping me in mind! :)

              But seriously though, I could easily fill up Delta with Gal pilots + gunners + maybe a couple Reaver escorts. When not transporting, we could provide air cover / CAS and handle air and exterior ground (vehicle) threats, while the Maxes + support infantry handle the business inside the bases. I am thinking this would work particularly well (as any airborne infantry does) within the walled bases of Esamir. It's just so tedious running miles around all those damn walls on foot as a ground pounder, trying to find the entrance to some of those bases... Not that I need to convince Al to operate on Esamir... :D

              Wyatt, all due respect, but I think you are overlooking the structural point that Al is trying to make. The reason this is worth trying / might work / or at least be fun, is because it is simple to explain / execute, and, more importantly IMO, scalable. You could start with only a handful of people (assuming you had the right few people) and set up the structure, which would be the important part. Then you could grow and shrink, people could come and go, drop and join whichever squad they want based on what their job preference is, etc.

              I'm up for it any time.

              I know I am on less these days, but sometimes I look at Who is Online?, and, if certain people are on, I may decide that getting a little PS2 time in becomes a little more important than work, well at least for a little while anyway. :)
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                Re: Gameplay experiments I will run in the near future.

                Thanks for clarifying that in response to YT as well Randy. You said it better then I could.

                Hope we can experiment soon. I should be on tonight. This post was not in the tactics section because it was just intended as information; so that when I try this, more people will understand it from the get-go, thus making the whole thing easier, and perhaps even raising some interest.

                To keep finding new ways to play is to keep enjoying this game for me.

                @about the galaxies: It is often hard to get things going on the ground if all the experienced guys fly. THis doesn't happen all the time, but it happens sometimes. When it does it gets progressively harder to run the other squads by lack of experienced sergeants.


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                  Re: Gameplay experiments I will run in the near future.

                  I should be able to be on tonight as well, I will look for you Al.

                  I'd be happy to run the air transport/CAS squad, be a Gal pilot, infantry SL, or whatever else is needed. I think we have a lack of good infantry SLs, so that is something I plan on doing more of, in order to demonstrate the right way of doing things to some of the newer guys.
                  "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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                    Re: Gameplay experiments I will run in the near future.

                    What is the purpose of having each squad consist of only one class? To me it means all communication will end up in platoon. Having each squad be self sufficient is much more effective. Aka a galaxy, maxs, engys, and medics in each squad. That way every squad is a formidable force that can attack different points. The classes compliment each other when together and splitting them up into separate squads makes no sense to me.




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