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  • What makes planetside fun

    So lately I've been wrestling a lot with why I like to play Planetside. I find myself jumping around between the 4 servers I play trying to find the right atmosphere that makes me really enjoy the game.

    One of the factors I've found that has a large impact on how much fun I have is population density. I'd much rather fight against 2 full squads with just 6 guys in a tech plant than have an even 48 on 48 in a small outpost. I hate the way everything turns into the same grind every time.

    This led me to the conclusion that what I like about the game is unique experiences. For example, the first time I played with TG was the night we hashed out the details of the Amp Station Fast Break Technique. That was a fun new experience, and lately it seems there has been serious lack of that.

    So what can we do about that? Looking at Randy's suggestion for another ops night, I got to thinking, "What if we had an 'Experiment Night'?" A night where we just try out crazy new things that we've never done before. For example, I've been wondering if you could make an air fortress with 2 battle gals stacked on top of each other with some engineers sandwiched in between to repair them while the gals act as a shield. Or I've always wanted to try running a platoon of only half squads to divide up manpower more efficiently.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: What makes planetside fun

    I agree with you on that, and I think most people in TG (and sometimes outside TG as well) tend to feel the same way. Doing different/interesting things is a lot of fun. Get on in the afternoons when BigGaayAl is on, he is always doing stuff like that. Or, start something up yourself. Again, afternoons are a good time to experiment, before the squad(s) ramp up into a full platoon and perhaps revert to more traditional ops and/or participating in an alert, etc.

    I think you will find most TGers willing to participate, just for something different to do for a change.
    "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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      Re: What makes planetside fun

      That all sounds positive. More experimentation is always fine in my book!

      For me, though, what makes Planetside fun are highly coordinated squads and platoons. If I'm in a zerg squad, I'm usually not enjoying myself all that much. The scale is set-dressing, even if it does lead to some jaw-dropping moments. The combat is okay, but not exceptional relative to the competition. It's all in the opportunity for more teamwork and better communication.


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        Re: What makes planetside fun

        Originally posted by starstriker1 View Post

        For me, though, what makes Planetside fun are highly coordinated squads and platoons. If I'm in a zerg squad, I'm usually not enjoying myself all that much. ... It's all in the opportunity for more teamwork and better communication.

        I agree.
        An organized squad is fun for me. (clear and specific orders, good comms discipline, a cohesive group staying together) An unorganized squad is a not fun.
        The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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          Re: What makes planetside fun

          As Randy said. Plz do set up and experiment with anything. I'd very gladly join.

          And as Randy also said, I do a lot of stuff like this. When I'm PL I'm always looking for a new experience, tactic, just doing something silly, or something that looks really cool.

          THere really isn't a goal or metagame now in PS2. So the only goals are the ones we set ourselves. Finding an effective tactic is fun, but finding a failing one is just as much fun often.

          Oh well maybe the enemy has fun killing our 2 squads of maxxes sitting in the open, mostly by easily driving harassers trough the maxes that lack any in-game mass or inertia... But then is that really a problem, if you are having fun hectically trying to survive. I'd say it's not a problem. THe best fights are those that both (or all three) sides enjoy.

          It is lovely getting compliments from the opponents for a cool playstyle in PS2.
          It happens very rarely; most of the other outfits are in fullblown Quick!Deploy!UseEveryGlitchInTownToWin-mode. In all they are pretty boring compared to some of the stuff we do.

          So many outfits feel they do something unique, yet they all have basically only one basic move which is to move quickly with more forces, to get more easy wins.

          Compare that to my experience that every single time you get your tanks or infantry in a proper formation, you will see blueberries joining that formation just because it is so friggin' cool!

          I'll be satisfied if I can be just strolling around PS2, and see some friendlies in the distance where I can say: Oh they are moving like this, they must probably be TG. THe only other group I've had this with in PS2 are 7thCAV. I think they are gone now. I did see them stack up to do proper breaching once. There is a huge void there in between the other outfits. No one is really catering to those players atm. Most others are focused purely on effectiveness.


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            Re: What makes planetside fun

            I remember that SMG did some pretty impressive stuff. I don't think I was ever there during one of their ops, but they'd form up in warpgate pre-op in formation, lining up their infantry and vehicles instead of horsing around, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were similar in their actual play.


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              Re: What makes planetside fun

              @ al,

              As much as you might think a team exploits glitches to win I seriously doubt that is their modus operandi. Being quick and aggressive is just as much a play style as being slow and methodical. Not to get too far off topic but being results motivated in this game is not wrong and I think you do a disservice to Outfits that choose to be hyper aggressive and pull it off.

              It takes skill and coordination to do half of what CML did in its heyday.


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                Re: What makes planetside fun

                I'm too old and I don't have to prove myself in this game, so I have no inclination at all to compete in a metagame that is not really there. Well the alerts are a flawed attempt. e.g. the alert to get all biolabs, when vanu has twice the world pop... that is not a goal, it is an invitation for a bad time.

                We surely see this differently. I really cannot talk positively about this sort of play because I so don't enjoy it. I hate it when people do whatever it takes to win in a game because it ruins any game I ever played. This is the reason I love TG. Because generally speaking we will try to win without exploiting anything.

                You say results orientated though... but what result? certs? I feel honestly the result these very competitive style players are going for is a Fallus measuring contest. TO me it comes from a discomfort with the self and then trying to shore up the self image by having a longer phallus than the other players in a computer game. Probably because it is going worse IRL.

                I know this may sound offensive perhaps, but I'm just trying to explain to you where I come from.

                Since I have no need to win by the crappy goals that ARE in the game, I want to win by my/our goals.

                My goal is winning in a way that has thinking, organisation, cooperation. And winning in a way that is beautiful.

                I'll give an example.
                If I were to have two squads on a hill, say infantry with a Sundy on the back of the hill. If I then were to have us attacked by a single tank squad at long range from the front, and we would get tunnel vision, and suddenly find ourselves flanked by 4 lightnings from their platoon, taking out our sundy, for that original tank squad to at that same time close in and complete the surround...

                Man I would be impressed by that beautiful play.

                But has this ever happened? NO. afaik never or nearly never. All the outfits that I see (notice I have mostly knowledge of opponent outfits, I know little about CML tbh)..
                All the outfits that I can see would play that same situation more like this:

                We're on the hill. We see tanks rushing it, some dying rather stupidly in a rush. THen suddenly a scythe tries to crash on your sundy ... And low an dbehold they switched him to SL and it's raining c4 fairies. Sundy is gone good fight ruined... fun had... none. The only thing this outfit gets from this is the illusion that they beat you, the illusion that they have proven their phallus to be both longer and wider in dimension, thus proving their own superiority to their ego.

                While in actuality they are not playing the same game as I am. They are like the guy in PR constantly using technicals to go on roadkill frenzies, constantly suiciding expensive jets, c4 suiciding all over,....

                Just because TG cannot kick them or their lame tactics on this server, does not give me any inclination to ruin my own playing experience by turning the game into a shadow of what it was intended to be, of what it has the potential to be.

                Again I very much hope you are not offended by this. If anything my goal is for us to understand each other better, so that we can use our different play-styles in a complementary way, supporting the community.


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                  Re: What makes planetside fun

                  Thank you Dr. Freud (Al) for your brilliant psychoanalysis. lol And for making me get out of bed to bang out a response to this. Well, the truth was I couldn't sleep anyway. And I wanted a full keyboard to type out a proper response (instead of using a tiny screen on my phone and Tapatalk). lol

                  I used to think as you do, let's play for our own enjoyment and who cares about alerts. In fact, I used to purposefully go to continents where the alert was not going on in order to avoid all the craziness. But my opinion has evolved through my experiences in game, and particularly in a leadership capacity and from being involved in NCC (and/or COMMAND VOIP in game) on the strategic level.

                  The prevailing wisdom of the average NC "man on the street" is that the NC cannot win an alert. Now I know that this is simply not true, however the apathy of many of the NC on this server has gotten so bad at times, that I have compared us to a tired old dog who has been kicked too many times. And I can tell you from first hand experience that there were many times where only a couple/few more squads on our side would have made the difference. But, unfortunately, many (other) people assume right off the bat that NC will lose, and they set off ghost capping some continent where no alert is in play. So I have changed my opinion on participating in alerts, I am much more likely to contribute our forces to the alert, and I have taken an active role in shaping the strategy and coordination at the uppermost levels, and since doing that have had some great wins in alerts, including some where we were actually at a population disadvantage.

                  Now the reason I have taken on this challenge is twofold (and has nothing to do with the size of my phallus, tyvm, lol). Firstly, I think that having one faction significantly weaker (or stronger) than the other two makes for a worse game for everybody. Sure, many people (4th factioners) will switch sides to whichever faction happens to have the advantage. IMO these are the worst sort of people who are ruining the game, they are like bandwaggon sports fans who only wear their team's gear when they are winning. Personally, I would think it would be boring to be VS or TR when they are just steamrolling, what challenge/fun is there in that? And what about pride and loyalty to your faction? But maybe there is something to be said w/r/t your phallus comments and/or these people's self esteem, they just want to pile on the winning side, maybe it makes them feel better about themselves. lol Personally, I prefer more of a challenge. And I like to root for an underdog sometimes. Besides, I am pretty sessile and loyal in my nature (I have had the same phone number forever, don't like to move, have rooted for the same awful sports teams forever, etc. lol). It was decided that TG would play NC well before I came along, and so be it. Now here we are, let's make the best of it I say (and sometimes I feel like Churchill giving the "never surrender" speech, lol).

                  And secondly, just as some people enjoy the challenges of squad and platoon leadership (as I once did and still do), I now enjoy the challenge of building ties with allies, being involved with NCC, and being heavily involved in the strategic decisions on the highest levels. This requires a bit of politicking, networking, getting to know other outfit leaders, building those relationships, as well as having good strategic ideas and then being able to convince others (in NCC TS and/or in game COMMAND channel) to follow your plan. I find this immensely challenging but also rewarding. Some of the most fun I have had in game has been when we won alerts at a population disadvantage. And other times we have come very close to winning when being at a pop disadvantage. But they were great fights and immensely rewarding.

                  Like it or not, the yardstick of success by which all factions are judged are by winning alerts. That doesn't mean we have to be cheesy in our tactics, just that we have to participate and lend our forces (or more importantly in the case of TG, our strategic minds) to the NC cause. We can always return to defending the Ascent after the alert is over, Al. :)

                  Maybe we are too old Al, as I always enjoy being in your squads. In fact, you are one of the very few people that I look for, before deciding to log on or not. And I very often recommend people looking for something interesting and different to join your squads as well. But I think we both need to realize that the majority of the demographic of people playing this game are younger guys who are more competitive, and want to win. And maybe being a younger age, perhaps they are more concerned with their e-phalluses. lol But there is no reason we cannot do a little of both, and so that is the sort of tact I adopt nowadays. We do our own thing most of the time, but when alert time comes rolling around, let's get involved and see what we can do to help out. Your and my opinions aside, alerts are very popular with the majority of footsoldiers, and by doing a little bit of both, everyone can still get what they want. Alerts are a nice change of pace, they are good for morale of the troops (which, IMO, is sorely needed on the NC side currently), and finally, you do get a little bonus to certs, which helps everyone equip their characters a little better (keeping in mind that everyone has not been playing since beta, as you have, or spent as much time in game, as I have, so as to afford the luxury of all the fairly well equipped kits and vehicles as we do, across the board).

                  Last night's alert was a bad example, VS had >40% world pop, it was ridiculous. It was during what I have come to call "Vanu office hours" (later on in the evening, they always seem to have crazy pop advantage at that time as they are a bunch of jobless dope smoking space hippies, who stay up and all come on late at night, lol). That was why I suggested (and everyone agreed) that we just go for second place and try to take one of the two Amp stations away from the TR. But the problem was, there were so few NC on by that time (again, apathy, I think they all just threw in the towel and had logged off already, lol) that we couldn't even get that done. But it's not always that bad. And even when VS do have a pop advantage, some times they don't have very good leadership on...

                  And this is what I have come to realize ultimately matters the most. Whichever faction has a few to a handful of good leaders on at that time, and coordinating well, will be the faction to win the alert. I have seen this first hand many times. VS or TR will have pop advantage but will be doing stupid things like 1-2 platoons sitting in a useless Bio Lab. Sometimes our forces do this. Whichever faction has the most troops in organized, coordinating platoons, and the best leadership on at that time, will win the alert. This is why I battle NC apathy, we need every soldier in a platoon participating in the alert, not ghost capping an unrelated continent. This is why I encourage every new player to join an outfit they like (whether TG or not, I don't care, as long as it is an NCC/coordinating outfit), so they can have the best experience in game and help contribute to winning alerts. And this is why I would encourage you Al, to become more involved in NCC TS and/or COMMAND VOIP in game, because we need more good tacticians in there. It is like chess on the big board, moving the platoons around the map, and I think you might enjoy it, although I admit the pace may be a little frenetic for your "old and slow" taste. :p
                  "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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                    Re: What makes planetside fun

                    Ya know.........from the time you were sitting across from your gandpa at a game of checker and he let you win, people in general latched on to that beautiful concept of competition. Endorphines, Id, Ego, Superego aside, people like to win. Winning comes in many shapes and favors in a game. From perched in a location that you know not many players can get to and sniping other players from distances that you know very people can do it from, to going in mass on a base and totally dominating it. It all satisfies 'someone's' sense of pleasure whether you understand it or not.

                    The people going about ghost capping ARE winning in their minds albeit the overall goals they are after don't contribute to the whole. But your not going to tell them different because they are getting pleasure from they are doing. Whether you agree with their concept or not doesn't make much difference.........I have said before I can get more certs NOT participating in an alert than I can participating in it.

                    SOE has built this concept of lore into the game to try and give people a sense of community and cooperation when in reality who cares about the lore. I've reached a higher BR ranking and have never read the lore and don't care to either. It's not why I played the game, I played because of the way TG played and was trying to recreate that feeling I had when I was in the military. Did it times but for the most part no it didn't. That's why I have moved on to ARMA3 and BF4.

                    The bigger outfit have members whose loyalties lie with the outfit and not the 'winning of alerts' I can assure you. When the outfit says we are going to participate in a alert, the membership says let's go for it. But they could have just as easily said let's not and get our points and certs ghosting, and the membership would still of said, let's go for it. Seriously how do you think Buzzcut got his people to do what they did? He simply said let's do such and such, or kit as such and such.

                    Now to try and convince people that in order to substitute the feelings they get doing what they doing, to the one they'll get by helping you in the alert is going to be a really big job. All I can say is good luck with that one, I hope you succeed.


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                      Re: What makes planetside fun

                      Originally posted by Rageq3a View Post
                      The bigger outfit have members whose loyalties lie with the outfit and not the 'winning of alerts' I can assure you. When the outfit says we are going to participate in a alert, the membership says let's go for it. But they could have just as easily said let's not and get our points and certs ghosting, and the membership would still of said, let's go for it.
                      I can tell you from first hand experience that all of the major outfits usually participate in alerts and coordinate. If they are not, it is because their upper leadership is not on (or a certain leader may choose not to participate in the alert, or they may be doing training, etc.). But I know most if not all of the upper leadership of most of the major outfits personally and I can tell you they are usually the most involved. Even TAS, who I know get a bad rap from a lot of people, I can attest that they are always right there contributing, coordinating, and trying to win alerts which is why I always take up for them when people bash them.

                      Furthermore, I can also state that just about every time I take a vote in platoon text chat, the majority of the troops (especially non TG members) usually want to participate in the alert. And most people (TG and non TG alike) would much rather get into a fight then sit around ghost capping. It is my opinion, that those who are vehemently against alerts (Al, Jengles, SparHawk used to be but he hasn't been on in a while, I used to be of this opinion as well) are because we feel/felt that alerts are too crazy, they are just about numbers and zerginess, and that we cannot win them. As Al states above, that is an invitation for a bad time. And in some cases of extreme VS/TR overpop, that is exactly what it is. But in many cases, just a couple more squads may have made the difference in NC winning the alert, or at least taking second place. My point is, we shouldn't just be laying down right off the bat and not even trying. And this is the attitude I am now, and will continue to try and promote in the leadership channels of the NC, as I think we have an important responsibility as leaders to set the proper tone and instill confidence in the troops.

                      I am posting this again, as I feel it is applicable, and motivational. This time as an actual video. :)

                      "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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                        Re: What makes planetside fun

                        That was a funny post, Randy, the long one.

                        I don't find myself disagreeing with what you post. I'm for participating in alerts.

                        But what I'm not for is playing in a style where there is a lot of redeploying and continent switching. Except in the last 15 min of an alert, where fast redeploying and re-orientating can actually make a substantial difference.

                        I still haven't been able to re-enable my command channel though :D.

                        *edit* Ah I found it in useropptions.ini. Apparently if you disable it like this:

                        If you do that there is no way of turning it back on in-game :P.


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                          Re: What makes planetside fun

                          Al, I just don't understand why you paint Hyper Aggressive Offense in such a negative light, likening it to Roadkilling or C4Jeeping, is a bit much. Its not a bug or an exploit to redeploy; there were times I'd do that back in PR even with the 1 minute respawn penalty. Indeed we've adopted redeploying as a feature of the game as well.

                          If you want to take time in the sandbox and experiment do that, I'd gladly enjoy it with you, but there are people who like to also play with their 'game face' on. Now, I'm not the kind of guy who would want to constantly redeploy and mass Gal drop everywhere like CML was doing when I played with them during an Op Night of theirs, but what they were doing when they were actually fighting was spectacular and heavily teamwork oriented.

                          Also with outnumbered alerts I like to play on the defensive and check my expectations with what is actually possible.


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                            Re: What makes planetside fun

                            Thank you Randy, that was my point exactly, if the outfit (leadership) says let's participate during the alert, then everyone on-line and in the outfit participates. On the other hand if there is a leader who doesn't want to participate, then the outfit doesn't. The challenge I see is getting those people who aren't in a outfit (or not very big one) to participate. They are the 'zerk' on the continents that don't have the alert. And that's where the 'good luck' came in.




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