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  • After the Hangover...

    Now that the double XP period is over, what did you spend all your extra certs on? I decided to dump all of mine into a new Recon Reaver to use in a support role for ground forces and a few attachments for the one of the Engineer carbines that was on sale.

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    Re: After the Hangover...

    I spent so much over the weekend, I dumped about 5k certa in total. I bought max comp for my gal(by accident) max an airs for the gal, level 2 mag size for a tracer gun. Got myself my Phoenix, the third to last timer for my gal, some sights for my medic guns and thermals for 3 guns. I think I am starting to get spoiled! I spent a lot of time in my reaver and gal so that's my way of getting all these certs. So many kills since I can quickly run between different battles and kill anyone who is in a tank by themselves.
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      Re: After the Hangover...

      I put a lot into my gal as well got the second to last cool down reduction, the 10th round in the number 4 gun, the 9th round in the number 5 gun, put all guns to lvl 7 ammo capacity, and got another lvl up on zoom on all the walkers. I also put some in my sundy. Got max racer chassis which is very fun, and extended the range of my ammo utility one less from max, and got smoke screen which worked surprisingly well. I also through some in the lightning and vanguard and some infantry weapons.

      Also I wanted to say I had a lot of fun this weekend and I hope I wasn't that bad of a PL/SL.


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        Re: After the Hangover...

        I don't remember what I spent mine on honestly. Although I do know I am at the point where I find myself spending 500 or even 1000 certs to get the next level of something I really want, as I have certed most of the things I am interested in pretty well across the board already. Recent things that fall into that category (and some may have been before this weekend even): Engi tool max level, Repair Sundy level 5/6, Medic tool max level (thought I had done this a long time ago, but realized recently I hadn't, lol - and wow what a difference that one makes!). Currently I have about 700 something certs, thinking about getting my LA jump jets to max level for 500, as there have been a couple times I have come up juuuust short on a long / high burn. And the results of that some times, not pretty... lol

        Also, I did not gain as many certs as some others did this weekend, as I spent a lot of time SLing and even PLing during alerts. But what else is new. Also I failed to realize I still had one more week long +50% exp boost sitting in my inventory waiting to be applied (I realized this Sunday evening, lol). Fail.

        But I still had a great time, it was good to see a lot of old faces coming out of the woodwork, and even a few new ones.

        Ironman, your SLing was fine, sorry if I took over near the end, I know it was late and you were probably too tired to lead, but at most points this weekend I had my game face on for some serious cohesive squad leading. I even jumped one guys case pretty bad for not following orders (after being told the same thing several times), he not only left the squad, but also the Outfit, and then removed me from his friends list too. Hahaha! Well, if you can't follow orders then good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

        OTOH, it was nice to screw around a bit too, and Friday night late night in particular was really fun, the one squad of us who were on all night (until the sun came up here, EST), doing all sorts of shenanigans like figuring out the secrets of Gals descending and getting Burster Maxes to exit and land on top, Gal stacking at warpgate, and then playing follow the leader with a string of 12 Gals through enemy territory, that was a lot of fun. Haha Even Drona stayed up all night for that, I have never seen him up that late, it was awesome. :)
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          Re: After the Hangover...

          I caught up on suit slot upgrades for more neglected classes and finally started upgrading my Harasser loadouts.
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            Re: After the Hangover...

            I got a bit uppidy and spent my 2k + certs everywhere.

            Nanite Mesh Generator 3 and 4 for the heavy (thinking of switching back from resist)

            Grenade bandoliers 1 and 2 for my heavy (so I could spam grenades inside the biolab. I got those certs back quick.)

            Aegis 4 for my MAX

            Ammo Dispensor 2 for the Sunderer

            A couple more levels of stealth for the Lightning (never upgraded it back when I drove it because 1 level would get you immunity to auto-detect)

            NARS 4, High-G 2, and fire suppression 1, 2 and 3 (swapped out flares) for my Liberator, the only thing I can fly decently.

            High-G 1 and fire suppression 1 for my Galaxy (for the Great Galaxy Gallivant)

            Reload 1 and 2 for my 150mm Vanny AP, plus better zoom and some ammo.

            Foregrip and Adv. Foregrip for the Reaper DMR... thinking that was a bit of a waste.

            Ammo capacity 2 and 3 for the Skyguard

            I know there's a couple more things there I spent on, but that's what stood out for me. I've got the things I regularly play pretty much decked out (Engineer, Vanguard, Lightning, Harasser, MAX) and my secondary kits are in a good place. (Medic, Heavy, Sunderer) So that's why my spending has been erratic - I've just been grabbing things for whatever I'm playing at the moment, trying to diversify my skillset a bit.
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              Re: After the Hangover...

              probably everything.
              *topped off my LA's jump jets and nanoweave
              *got level 3 shield on my vanguard and level 4 reload
              *got the second C-4 stick on my LA
              *topped off my AV mana turret
              *put a few levels into the ammo pack
              *another ammo upgrade for the reaver
              *placed C-4 on the medic
              *bought another level to my recon dart
              All and all I was pretty pleased...


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                Re: After the Hangover...

                As usual, I dumped certs into useless stuff I never use... Only this time I had to do it twice as much as I normally would...

                Oh the woes...

                It matters not what letters or numbers come before my name, I'll always be 1stMIP.


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                  Re: After the Hangover...

                  I was only able to really play on one day, but I made just under 900 certs that evening and maxed out the magazine on my Shredder. Needless to say, my usual lib gunner is very thankful for the double exp week!

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                    Re: After the Hangover...

                    How did everyone else end up making so many certs? Yeesh.


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                      Re: After the Hangover...

                      I made...a lot of certs, I went from br 76 - 78 in about 5 days (not all in double xp)

                      Wasted 600 certs on hover airframe for reaver; go dogfighting.

                      Spent a lot of cert on random clip increases

                      Increased lib upgrades

                      Got auraxium on em4 :D

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                        Re: After the Hangover...

                        I didn't spend mine on anything..........I'm into hoarding now.


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                          Re: After the Hangover...

                          Final rank of HA's Adrenaline shield (up from 15% shield per kill to 20%).

                          Reaver auto-repair 4/5 -> 5/5.

                          Medic tool 5/6 -> 6/6. Shouldn't have left this one so long.

                          4/5 ranks of Infiltrator's Nano-Armor cloaking. The protection works wonders for hit and run tactics if you have a quick escape route, but the faster drain means it's only useful in close quarters fights like Towers or Bio Labs.

                          Cyclone SMG, my god, it's so much fun. It feels better than the Blitz in every case, except perhaps running into a room filled with enemies and you intend to spray rather than pick out some targets. Extended Magazine cert helps.

                          Sunderer Proximity Repair 4/6 -> 5/6. Certs here are so much more powerful than almost anywhere else, up to 600% bonus... *mumbles something about balance*

                          Thermal for the Lib's Dalton. Previously favoured zoom, now I think it's situational depending on how much armor and anti-air there is.

                          Command Channel and all 4 coloured smokes.

                          And other bits and pieces.

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