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Re-keybinding zoom in/out on map

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  • Re-keybinding zoom in/out on map

    This suggestion was brought to me by CoiledTortoise a long way back and I haven't gone back. It is to set zoom-in and zoom-out to Scroll-up and Scroll-down with the mouse. At the time I had a mouse with a very "loose" scroll wheel (I have upgraded since then but still find this technique superior) so it was hard to scroll to the exact weapon I wanted to use, which is why I now switch weapons with "1" "2" and "3". The clear advantage of doing is that you can easily pin point exact location on the map without smashing the bracket keys. It takes some time getting used to but having three keys right above "w" to change weapons gives a better feeling or preciseness and you won't be accidentally switching weapons in the middle of battle.

    Another note on this is that in a Reaver I cannot find a way to separate the "switch gun command" and the map command; whenever I scroll in or out of the map I rapidly switch weapons which is a minor annoyance.

    Anyway, I thought I would show you guys as it is very helpful in CQC Infil's, Tanks, and even Squad leading.

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    Re: Re-keybinding zoom in/out on map

    Yep, very helpful whether infantry or air (or armor for that matter). Also, "H" to expand minimap. Some people also find the setting that rotates the minimap helps their SA, but I prefer mine fixed. All of this (and more) will be discussed under the "UI" section of my upcoming Basic Infantry Course. ;)
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      Re: Re-keybinding zoom in/out on map

      I will never understand the people who prefer rotating minimaps.

      That's an interesting bind for the map zoom, I may give that a try. I haven't really felt a need for something better than the bracket keys, as I usually set zoom before a fight, then leave it but I can see how a more rapidly adaptable zoom would help your SA. I always use number keys over weapon scroll anyway (seems more precise to me) so that's not an issue.
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