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Questions about Ribbons and PS2? Ask Bolivian or Garthra

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  • Questions about Ribbons and PS2? Ask Bolivian or Garthra

    Dear Tactical Gamer Planetside 2 Community,

    In Tactical Gamer we reward those who go above and beyond the call, by giving them ribbons.

    The ribbons team has an excellent front page post about the ribbons system, explaining its history and what it does. It also has links for more information. In this post I am going to give you the short version, if you have questions you can look at the front page post.

    Please take the time to reward your fellow players when they do something extraordinary by submitting a ribbon nomination. (Extraordinary = "Jane really saved the battle / improved my gaming experience in an awesome way." Not just "Jane played good.")

    Your nomination will then be voted on by game admins and, if they agree the conduct you describe is above and beyond the call, and thus worthy of a ribbon, it will be awarded. Anyone can nominate anyone else, but don't try nominating yourself. Make sure you include details like 1.)who it is (their tactical gamer forum name), 2.) what they did that is worthy of awarding a ribbon, 3.) when they did it. 4.) what ribbon you are nominating them for The more detail you give in your nomination the better. Submit your nominations as a new thread on the award submission forum.

    Here is an example of a great nomination:
    Thread Title: Nomination Distinguished Squad Leader
    Nominee: |TG| Joe Gamer

    Award: Distinguished Squad Leader

    Game: Battlefield 3

    Period Covered: 12/24/13 on the Tactical Gamer Server during a round on Kirkland

    The other night I was playing on the tactical gamer server and ended up in Joe Gamer's squad. I came in at the very end of the previous round and heard him congratulating his squad on a good round and welcoming me in. While the next round loaded he said that we should be coming in as the US team and for everyone to hold spawn. He was going to try and grab a jeep and head for a read most enemy flag. Joe Gamer seemed to already have a plan in mind and started asking about what kits we had which unlocks for and getting us organized. By the time the round started we all knew what we were spawning in as and what gear we needed. He proceeded to grab the jeep and drive toward the rear flag. While en route he was giving orders for mine placement, directing someone to get on the stationary emplacement and ensuring we had all the enemy approaches covered. When he got there and hopped out we all spawned in and set about our tasks. And all this was in the first 30 seconds! The rest of the round went smoothly. Joe Gamer always seemed to be on top of everything. He must have been watching his mini-map more than the main screen because he was constantly positioning us to better meet oncoming enemy attacks, making us aware of attempts to flank, as well as letting us know when we needed to repair friendly armor and get fresh mines down. The entire round Joe Gamer kept us on task and we always were in the right place at the right time. I knew where I was supposed to be, what I was supposed to be doing, and what the plan for our squad was. Joe Gamer is an excellent squad leader and deserves to be commended for it!

    If you have any questions regarding the ribbon system and PS2 which are not answered by the front page article, please direct them to BolivianRampage or myself. Just shoot one of us a PM. We are here to help the PS2 community understand and use the ribbons system.
    If you have general questions you can post them here. (i.e. "Where do I find a list of ribbons that can be awarded?")
    For specific questions related to a specific award, send a PM. (i.e. "I think Tom deserves a Distinguished Medic award, because he did ... on Tuesday. How do I submit a nomination?")

    Please take the time, to recognize the people who make Tactical Gamer great, by nominating them for the appropriate award.

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    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"



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