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Taking notes: Potential training drills

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  • Taking notes: Potential training drills

    For several nights, I've noticed a number of 'short-comings' that seem to be inherent with a good amount of the newer members of both TG and planetside. So I've compiled a list of the biggest most important ones, and thought of a few quick exercises that can show some of the newer members what is expected here at TG.
    Not to say that these shortcomings are anybodies fault. I remember most of these being difficult when I first started playing (mostly because I didn't know what to do). The only real cure for me was practice

    A few things that could either go faster or be worked on (on top of breaching):
    1.) Loading into gals and grabbing kits
    2.) Point defense
    3.) Dealing with maxes that have a higher effective range than 10m
    4.) Assessing cover and flanks and vulnerability of critical units
    The forth one can probably be combined with point defense and breaching seeing as it is paramount in both of those situations.

    Now, before I get started i'd like to say, I am a huge fan of Opfor. It allows for a controlled and engaging environment that can have adjustable difficulty with the same chaos as an actual fight. With Opfor, people don't just hear the random ramblings of an old man. Instead they see the wisdom and proof behind these words of truth.

    Potential training exercises (I've tried to combine them for time's sake)

    Point Defense training
    Opfor makeup:(6-8 people) 2/3 assault classes(heavies/medics/engineers) 1/3 flanking classes (LA/infiltrator)

    setting up: send everyone to a far off VS territory where nobody will just happen to see a ton of NC around.
    It's best the Training Instructor would request kits and galaxy load up now.(little bit of mini-training)

    -Trial One: set up the squad on a defense of Alpha point with no more instructions than "defend this point"
    Bring in the opfor: I think the first run should be "doomed to fail" the VS players come in and try to completely wreck house (without maxs). This way the observer has plenty of feed back for the defenders and the players can really understand how poor the defense had been (if it was).

    -Trial Two: present feedback and reset. This time grant a bit more instruction an have them dedicate their position on flanks and choke points.
    Bring in the opfor: This time the op for should come back in. However, this time the opfor should play it easy on the defenders. This way the players can see the fruits of their labor.

    -Subsequent trials: The opfor should dial their difficulty depending on how successful the defending force had been. (even throw in some surprises like maxes or a gal drop or mabye even a squad LA's)

    dealling with maxes
    Note: this can also fall inline with point defense training.

    There are two kinds of max fights, CQC and in the open. For every faction but the NC in the Open can be quite dangerous because, it is very diffcult to throw c-4 or hit targets directly with a rocket form that range. However the Max's DPS is significantly reduced. The best way to deal with them here.... A LOT OF FOCUS FIRE. The Max can only target one person at a time (who should be ducking and dodging).
    I recalled an instance yesterday where there was a max in the open and a squad of 8 guys ran from it and I was the only one shooting. Ironically I was a medic... and the last man standing by almost a full minute.
    (now enough tooting my own horn, lets get down to business)

    Setting up: Send everyone to a large base. Preferably a tower which would bring opportunities for both CQC and ranged fighting.

    Trials: a steady stream of like 1-4 non-max opfor guys will come in. It is important that the infantry is unaware of when they will receive a MAX. This way they won't be prepared with all their dumb fires pulled and grenades on belt.
    Opfor: should dial their difficulty between solo max's. Max's with engineers and MAXs who have a full squad of support

    Gal loading training
    easy one now: Load everyone into a gal and send them somewhere. (possibly to drop on another training exercise)

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    Re: Taking notes: Potential training drills

    You have no idea how much I wish the VR Training area had a section where you could choose to be OpFor with bases around and stuff.

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      Re: Taking notes: Potential training drills


      Excellent topic.

      Talk to Admins and TGU, think about making these real courses.
      I think ideas for training drills like this are really good. It is one thing to say "Why do people make mistakes? They must be inferior." It is different one to say "These mistakes are correctable, if addressed in a constructive, thoughtful, structured manner." If you are interested in putting these ideas into practice I encourage you to talk with the Officers/admins and try to get them into TGU.

      In short, I encourage you to talk to the admins, and, if you are willing, talk to TGU and see about putting the effort into these ideas to turn them into fully developed lessons. It takes a lot of time and thought to do it, but I hope you choose to. I believe community is hungry for training, especially with OpFor involved.

      Even if you don't want to make formal courses, share your knowledge informally
      However, even if you are not up to working with TGU to produce formal courses, you can still share your knowledge with your fellow players.
      I would like to see more informal lessons from people who have experience in specific fields. For instance I am not a skilled armor player. I could stand to learn a lot on that. I am a pretty good bomber pilot, maybe I could teach that... and so on. We can teach our fellow players things we know, and learn other things from them, thus increasing our abilities as an outfit.

      I have been trying to do this with bomber piloting/gunning. Just send out an outfit message "Anyone interested in practicing/learning more about [insert topic]?" If you get any "yes" responses, start working together. Instant training, even if it is just the two of you.

      Great post man.

      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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