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Things I learned from PS2

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  • [INFO] Things I learned from PS2

    1: You can't CQC as a sniper, you can stand back and keep the enemy suppressed, but you can't go toe to toe with a HA and a single shot your just too soft to use the pistol for more than a couple of enemy.
    2: If you pull a vehicle you better be an engy. Asking others to repair your vehicle is asking way too much from them and you, unless you just pulled it to go from point A to point B and plan on ditching it (see 5).
    3: You don't have to be within 5 feet of the enemy to kill them.
    4: Don't stand in front of the enemy spawn shield trying to shoot can't, and they will kill you.
    5: Not all enemy ESF that fly by are trying to shoot you since way too many players pull them so they can bail out and place a beacon on the tower above you (see #7).
    6: If someone in your squad pulls a MAX, try to be considerate and engy for them as they be the ones that save your life.
    7: Remember that not all players have the same degree of sportsmanship we at TG have, so that means you have to expect the unexpected.
    8: If you play the sniper/Infil then learn the importance of hard cover.
    9: The good guys have a blue dorito and the bad guys have a red one if they have been q-spotted (default color).
    10: Remember that the guy that shot you has had to go through the same experiences you have, time and effort. If they got a good shot on you then tell them so. Your gonna get a lot more respect that way.
    11: On low graphics settings you can't see the enemy infils while they are cloaked, on Ultra you can see them better.
    12: If you get frustrated then the best move is to keep your mouth closed and quit the squad if necessary.
    13: Staying in a losing situation is the quickest avenue to frustration.
    14: If you don't agree with the SL or PL decisions and it gets too bad, then see #12.
    15: Every gun has it's own bullet drop and the further you are from the target the greater the drop.
    16: Many people will do the same thing the same way over and over again until they get tired of dieing and quit doing it, the next day they repeat (see #18).
    17: If it doesn't seem like a good idea, then it probably isn't.
    18: New people to the game are like young teenagers, they already know it all and don't ask, just do.
    19: Q-spot everything, it will show up on the mini-map for all friendlies in the area.
    20: Above all else remember it's just a game and doesn't determine your worth, well-being, or value to society.

    There are a tons of others but these just came to mind quickly..........fell free to add to the list.

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    Re: Things I learned from PS2

    Good list Rage! It is always good for the more experienced players to share their knowledge to our lower players. I am looking forward to see how this list forms.
    Questions about those who deserve it!
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      Re: Things I learned from PS2

      I agree with all except #1: the SAS-R with iron sight or 1x/2x scope can instant kill all enemies in front of you if you possess the skill to do so.

      I'll add some more:

      21: 99% of medics without a outfit tag and 50% with one are not really medics
      22: The same goes for engineers.
      23: Do not respond to or acknowledge antagonistic replies via /tell after you earned a kill; it is wrestling with a pig in the mud
      24: Shoot, cloak, move, uncloak, repeat; should be the mentality of all snipers.
      25: You can get a MAX on top of the buildings inside a biolab, this secret must remain a secret. I will not say how.
      26: Mindset before playing = mindset during play.
      27: Reverse manuever is a must for flying
      28: Ramming into ESFs is single handily the most annoying thing the enemy can do.
      29: There is no easy way to certs.
      30: You are not the best.

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        Re: Things I learned from PS2

        31. Don't watch the same door/window/direction as everyone else.
        32. 9 times out of 10 this applies: Flak armor for AA/AV MAX, Kinetic armor for AI MAX.
        33. Vanu tears are sweet like honey.
        34. Third person view when driving/flying is a must for situational awareness.
        35. Pay attention to the SL.
        36. Trust that blueberries will waste all of the ammo in your vehicle and give your position away to the enemy.
        37. Respect begets respect.
        38. When in a gunners seat, continuously scan in all directions, or be surprised at the least opportune moment.

        I was really trying for 10.. but having only 1 1/2 hours of sleep has left me daydreamy.



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          Re: Things I learned from PS2

          39: Turning off reversed controls when reversing tanks is a necessity to avoid anger.
          40: The Harasser can go anywhere. ANYWHERE.
          41: Reckless driving in a Harasser is more likely to get you killed than the enemy.
          42: #41 is worth it. Every time.
          43: 2/2 MBTs are the toughest single unit on the battlefield.
          44: Placing AT mines in front of vehicle spawns in enemy bases is a recipe for rage-tells.
          45: The Vanguard shield is an "I win" button for 1v1 engagements.
          46: NARS on Liberators saves hours of repair time.
          47: A good secondary gunner makes all the difference in the world.
          48: All vehicles can powerslide, if you're man enough.
          49: Concussion grenades are the single greatest room-clearing device in the game.
          50: The barrel of a tank can be climbed to gain better view of your surroundings, or serve as an impromptu siege ladder.
          51: The AI MANA turret is usually more useful for the cover it provides than for the gun.
          52: Cosmetics make your vehicle faster.
          53: If you're trapped in spawn and can't break out, redeploy. You're not helping anyone there.
          54: Planetside 2 is a Pay-to-Honk game.
          55: Biolabs may appear at first to house plants, but they're actually full of certs.
          56: Pursuant to #52, if you can't win, you can still look good losing.
          Teamwork and Tactics are OP

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            Re: Things I learned from PS2

            57: If in the process of winning a base you die more times than the enemy, you didn't win it. He gave it to you out of pity.
            58: There are only 3 ways to win a base
            A) If your numbers are less than the enemy: strategy
            B) If your numbers are equal: tenacity
            C) If your numbers are greater: You don't win it, you take it
            59: The proper defense of a base is 80% defense, 20% offense
            60: The proper attacking of a base is 80% offense, 20% defense
            61: My ego has killed me more times than the enemies skill.
            62: If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.
            63: Additionally, constantly doing the same thing and expecting different results IS the definition of insanity in PS2.
            64: Learning comes from doing things you DON'T know how to do.
            65: Make sure your SL gives kitting suggestions, otherwise you'll end up in a gun fight with a pocket knife.
            66: As a sniper, the times your not shooting are more important than the times you are.
            67: Kill the target first that will kill you the fastest.
            68: Moving objects are harder to hit than ones standing still (you'd think that would be obvious, but with over 6,000 EM4 kills I assure you it's not).
            69: Tenacity is not a strategy, it's a siege.
            70: The best way to defeat a enemy is to have someone knock on the front door while you sneak in the back.
            71: Never attack the enemy from one direction if so, then who ever has the fastest respawn wins.
            72: Remember simple math: if you can respawn and be in place in 30 seconds and the enemy can respawn and be in place in 10, then 1 of them equals 3 of you.


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              Re: Things I learned from PS2

              73: Trees and Rocks are OP
              74: The best way to be a "John Rambo" is sit back take cover and help your squad
              75: Max Charge causes some serious chaos among the enemy ranks
              76: Aegis shield is not a breaching tool (see 75)
              77: Sometimes it is better to just hold one room and let the blueberries push (create breathing room)
              78: Never be afraid to run when you WILL lose
              79: Never be afraid to stay in a fight you MAY lose, especially if you can make the enemy feel it.
              80: there is always something new to learn


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                Re: Things I learned from PS2

                81: If your approach is obvious, someone else will think to do it, and probably before you do.
                82: If your approach is obvious, the enemy will think you'll do it, and will be waiting for you.
                83: The best thing you can do is take the road less traveled, do the task most don't think to do, and try something new.
                84: The best indication that you're being exceptionally effective is that the enemy is going out of their way to ruin your day.
                85: If the enemy tries to follow #83, go out of your way to ruin their day.
                86: Attitude makes a big difference to anything you might try.
                87: In a fighter, you should be running at the first whiff of flak, because you never know if a single hit is a pot-shot or the prelude to a barrage.
                88: When the enemy liberator rolls and turns its belly towards you, that is NOT an evasive manuever. You should be executing evasive manuevers.
                89: Galaxies ALWAYS have right of way.


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                  Re: Things I learned from PS2

                  As Melchisedech031 would say : "Væ soli."

                  90: Væ soli. (latin for ~ "Woe upon the lone one")
                  91: In the spirit of #90, efficiency comes up from cooperation.
                  92: In the spirit of #90, fun emerges from cooperation.
                  93: In the spirit of #90, possibility springs from cooperation.
                  94: In the spirit of #90, tactic is richer in cooperation.




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