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Security breach at EA

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  • Security breach at EA

    Hey ya'll I'm not sure where this belongs so I'm posting it here.

    I'm an American living in Canada, so I have 2 accounts one here and the other in the states. I make on-line purchases through my states accounts (it's cheaper) but also because it has an extra layer of security on it since I have to approve the purchases before the card company releases the funds. There were 2 attempted purchases on my origins account for 2 different amounts, both around the $56 dollar range. I called origin and spoke to their security tech guy by the name of Eddie who said that EA had not tried to do any billing on the Titanfall title yet. Both charges did not originate from EA as there was no 'charge trail' on my account. This means basically that someone has hacked into EA origin and is trying to bill customers under the EA origin Ge name.

    I have changed my password on my account and have a code layer security on it now...........I would suggest you do the same. Eddie said that EA takes this very seriously and that he will forward the information up the chain.

    The 2 charges tried to come through yesterday on the 5th and again today on the 6th of March. I told Eddie as well that I was going to post this on the outfit forum and he felt it was a really good idea.


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    Re: Security breach at EA

    I think this belongs in general discussion on the main site and not on the Planetside 2 general discussion (Link Below). Last time I checked EA had no connection with Planetside 2.


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      Re: Security breach at EA

      Wow, that's awful....hopefully you can get it figured out. Origin alone keeps me from buying Titanfall and this isn't helping :P

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