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Suggestion: Mandating TeamSpeak

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  • Suggestion: Mandating TeamSpeak

    As of late, very little people have been joining the Planetside 2 Teamspeak channel. This is because, at it's current state, it is rarely used and therefore few people ever connect.

    This will be met with opposition by the majority of TG I believe, but I call for a scrap of in-game VOIP and switch permanently to TS. I list the advantages below.

    1. (biggest one) How many times has PS2 voip failed > how many times teamspeak as failed. Consistency in VOIP leads to improved coms, improved squad structure, and overall benefit to cohesion.

    2. We can have 13-14-15 member squads so less people are left out of exclusive squads such as armor or air.

    3. It encourages non-PS2 TG members to hop on and play some planetside.

    4. It would encourage more forum activity as it requires you to visit the forums to use TS.

    5. Would enforce com yelling/raging/complaining/whining when 20+ people can all hear it.

    "What about blueberry squads? will we have plebs in our TS?"

    No, TS only would be for member-only events such as FNF etc... When running "recruiting" squads we would use in-game but make it clear TS would later be mandatory if you wanted to join.

    I hope to see one day using TS for standard VOIP because I am sick of coms giving out.

    Can we change TS from "optional but highly recommended" to "required"?

    Look at has in-game VOIP yet everyone is on TS, it just better.

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    Re: Suggestion: Mandating TeamSpeak

    Don't like it. You might be able to sell me on making it mandatory for everyone to be ON teamspeak during FNF to make a good showing and to provide a fallback when the in-game comms fail, but the in-game comm tools have served us pretty well, all things considered, and we run with non-TG members even on FNF that would be excluded.

    Teamspeak is an excellent tool that we should make an effort to use more extensively (like, for example, switching to it when you want to run a larger squad, or for very specialized things like running an air platoon in conjunction with ground-pounders) but I don't think making it our primary communication tool is a good idea. We need MORE comm granularity, not less.


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      Re: Suggestion: Mandating TeamSpeak

      I see the desire for this but the problem ultimately is one of easy accessibility.

      I see no reason to not run TS centered Squads/Platoons if a leader so chooses, but it will be difficult to allow anyone else into our teamspeak due to the nature in which it is set up (requiring forum accounts and a brief setup last I knew).

      There are many benefits to TS, quicker response time, more reliable, etc. etc. but in game comms have their benefits as well. Also I don't think that TG has ever required a VOIP system for any title beyond ArmA/ACRE which is a little different beast all together.


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        Re: Suggestion: Mandating TeamSpeak

        While I understand where you're coming from Penny, Star and Ytman bring up the main points against it. We definitely would like more folks to log into the PS2 TS channel to make a showing, facilitate company level communication, as a back up when in-game fails, among other reasons but I don't think making it a replacement for working game VOIP would be the way to go.

        As far as comms discipline goes, when we started with the alpha/beta it could be a nightmare of folks talking over each other so we developed our comms procedures and asked all the SL/PLs to really crack down on folks. It worked, but folks had to make it work. There's nothing wrong with an SL or PL or NCO/officer reminding folks to close their yappers if their talking in the wrong channel or just spamming useless info. We do ask that folks be polite about it though.

        p.s. Just a reminder to everyone - the forum signature picture size limit is 400 wide by 100 tall (not including ribbons). That space ain't free folks, so check your sigs and adjust accordingly!

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          Re: Suggestion: Mandating TeamSpeak

          I agree with the sentiment but, as others have pointed out, there are some complications involved in going TS only. However, there is already a precedent for jumping in TS while playing the game.

          Nothing wrong with encouraging more of us to log in before we boot up Planetside.


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            Re: Suggestion: Mandating TeamSpeak

            I do think that everyone should attempt to use the TS channel once they are a part of TG. There doesn't need to be the use of it for in game coordination (though two vehicle operators could benefit) by the average person but it does create an environment for us all to socialize in and out of game.




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