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  • [INFO] Ready for Testing - Implants

    Ready for Testing - Implants

    On the test server now, looks pretty much what they said in the Roadmap, although I have yet to see the Concussion/Flash/Emp protection.

    My post:

    The crafting is mind numbingly tedious. This doesn't add any value whatsoever, it's just clickty-click and wait a few seconds... over and over.

    I'm also not a fan of the entire buy randomly with SC or certs system. Random only means that the majority of the time you don't get what you want, so you buy multiple times. It's much fairer and more open to simply increase the price and let people get exactly what they want. In either case it's pointless to buy a pack that -AFAIK- can't contain tier 3, then convert (craft) it randomly into a tier 3, rather than simply buying a single tier 3 in the first place.

    Why must implants be subject to RNG, where weapons and certs are not? It just opens the door to complaints about "pay-to-win", whether or not this is actually true.

    Health regeneration (when not taking damage, at 4%, 5% and 6% per second depending on tier) is silly. Assuming it's the default implant, It's not going to counterbalance anything because there's so many healing options in-game already. If it does have an affect it's only to reduce reliance on Medics and a utility slot with self heal options. This dilutes gameplay any way you slice it.

    Universally useful default implant:

    First weaken all players:

    -Increase shield recharge delay from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.
    -Decrease shield recharge rate by 50%.

    Shield power (Default Implant):

    -Shield recharge delay reduced by 2 seconds.
    -Shield recharge rate doubled.

    This cancels out so as to leave all players where we are now, preventing power creep. If players want to take an implant to become more powerful in a specific area they lose this general bonus.


    As it is now:

    -Auto-spots enemies who damage or kill you without using a silencer.

    Why punish people for good positioning? We went through this with the death screen and exact locations were dialed back to general direction. We already have hit markers, so we don't need auto-spot. If you still can't find someone, use teamwork and tools like Sensor Darts.

    What it should be:

    -Alerts the player when they have been spotted by an enemy.
    -Decreases duration player is spotted for by 50%.

    Safe Fall:

    This is going to be highly situational and rarely used, which means the distances have been made way too extreme (with tier 3 you can survive up to 150m) and would create very silly gameplay. More could be done, such as replacing it with:


    -Reduced fall damage (like, 3x further than currently).
    -12% faster sprint for limited period, using "overheat" mechanic. Rough numbers: lasts up to 4 seconds, takes 8 to fully cool down.

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    Re: Ready for Testing - Implants

    Crafting bonuses? Good gravy I'd expect that in Farmville.

    I'm not entirely opposed to these temporary powerups. Other games have used similar systems successfully (Titanfall (burncards), CoD (perks), etc...). I just don't want to spend any more money in this game and yet still maintain a competitive edge through knowledge of the game and skill.

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      Re: Ready for Testing - Implants

      I'm not sure what they are doing. They are trying to shoehorn a revenue source into the game and not a feature into the game that adds to the game. At least they are being tepid about it...


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        Re: Ready for Testing - Implants

        They're being tepid about it because the original proposal was so glaringly a cash grab that the community exploded on them.

        This COULD be something interesting, but the fact that they've got to neuter the power of implants in order to not make them a clear paid advantage over the default benefit is going to really limit what kind of interesting things can be done with it. Planetside 1 implants were actually core gameplay, adding powerful recon tools, combat bonuses, and utilities that you actually needed people in your squad to carry around (for instance, if you didn't want infiltrators stabbing you in the back). They were also things that you equipped at a sanctuary and couldn't change mid-fight, providing a bit of logistical inertia. This iteration of implants is emphatically NOT providing either of those things.

        I'll wait and see, but I don't expect much of this. It sounds a lot like a set of features created by marketing department fiat. Don't get me wrong, I'm sympathetic to the business realities of keeping a game like this going and I'm willing to put up with a lot to get the stuff that only Planetside can bring, but I get a little irked when a feature designed for the developer's benefit is spun as a feature designed for the players.


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          Re: Ready for Testing - Implants

          If anyone here played Ghost Recon Online towards the end of its beta days, you'll know where systems like this go. The plan mentions batteries. Sounds a lot like armor repair in GRO. are these obtained with infantry resources? Are they certed? Station cash? (if this is a pay-to-win system, which at its core it kind of is, then this WILL be an option). The first option has the lowest chance of pay to win. Now, it will favor people with resource boosts but so does C4 spammage. There are two things that I notice are missing that really should be in there, which can make it not a P2W system.
          1) What do you get for not running an implant? Either all implants need drawbacks equal to their benefits, or there needs to be a passive benefit to not running them. Otherwise, people not running implants cease to be competitive against people who do and you get P2W: Buy implants or you'll suck.
          2) Active and passive implants. The batteries thing seems pushing P2W. Now, if you have two types of implants, active and passive, you cna circumvent that. Active ones need the batteries and are distinctly more powerful, but won't last forever. Passive implants do not require batteries at all but are not quite as strong.

          This is overall a system that cannot be fully understood until we see it in live combat, so most people won't experience it until live. I wanna get a bunch of us together on Test with multiple factions and test the hell out of this. The bad thing is, once it gets to live, there will be no taking it back if its P2W. While it may outrage a huge portion of the playerbase, if the game's net profits go up, no amount of people quitting the game will get SOE to take it back.


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            Re: Ready for Testing - Implants

            I tried them out on the test server last night. It took forever to get all of the implants at tier 3 since there is no telling what kind of implant you will get when you combine them. But I did manage to get them all. Most of them don't seem to have a very noticable effect.

            The Safe Landing implant seemed to be the most significant. I could see it being used to jump out of a tower as a quick escape route, or for when the tower crawling with spawn campers.

            I didn't have any enemy explosives to try out the EOD hud which auto spots them, but I imagine that one will be fairly effective as well.

            The Hold Breath implant which is only worthwhile for snipers seems a bit useless because I think anyone who plays sniper enough to use it has the skills to not need it. It's probably only useful for noob snipers and in that case its still not enough to make them play the class more.

            The Regeneration implant might be useful for players who stay in enemy territory alone for extended periods of time. For example an infil with a stalker cloak. I might consider using it on a light assault since I tend not to run with a group of people then.

            Most of the other implants to seem to not have a big enough impact to merit spending money on the batteries to run the implants. One interesting thing is that I seemed to be passively earning implants and batteries. They may have just set this up for the test server, but If there were a way to earn free implants/batteries I could possibly see this working out.

            If anyone wants to get together on the test server let me know. Although they did jack the test server up by replacing the certifications tab with the implant tab. Now you can't get to certain upgrades like AMS.


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              Re: Ready for Testing - Implants

              Thankfully, there's overwhelming negativity on all aspects of this in that thread. They need to go back to the drawing board on everything.

              What can SOE actually sell without people complaining though? People want permanent implants, that's clear, but don't mind purchasing them. The best things would be convenience and/or aesthetics...

              How about:


              -Implants have 2 ranks.

              -Implants at rank 1 can be swapped as much as you like, once you own them.
              -Rank 2 implants are treated as a character specialization and you pay for the convenience of changing more often.
              -To equip a rank 2 implant you must first acquire it, then "overcharge" that implant. You can only ever choose 1 implant to overcharge at a time and can only swap once per week as free-to-play or twice per week with any tier membership. You can also buy a one use per day overcharge swap for a small SC charge (I.E. you can never swap more than once per day).
              -All ranks can be earned through gameplay, though rank 2 is rare, or bought directly (you buy exactly what you want) for certs/SC.


              -As a balancing mechanism, some powerful implants have active bonuses that require power to run. These can be turned on and off, and will cause a drain on your power while active. This limits their use for all players.
              -While turned off, power recharges over time at the same rate for everyone.
              -For implants whose effects cannot be split into ranks (either you have the effect or you don't), this can be used to decrease power consumption per rank - like the Infiltrator's cloaks.

              -Implants also need to be more squad focused and try to avoid hard counters to other gameplay mechanics.

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                Re: Ready for Testing - Implants

                My head hurts.
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                  Re: Ready for Testing - Implants

                  Updates from SOE (rather than quote several posts I'll just link the start):

                  Effectively just laying out their side of the argument and nothing has changed. Well picked apart by only a couple pages of player comments though.

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                    Re: Ready for Testing - Implants

                    I'm kinda being won over by some of these implants. It does allow a new area to develop the gameplay into while we wait for the bigger set pieces.


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                      Re: Ready for Testing - Implants

                      By now, most of you have seen and come up with your own thoughts on Implants. But I wanted to get other people's info and what they chose. (If any)

                      Here are the list of implants I use and what I use them for.

                      Tier 1
                      Enhanced Targeting. Man I think that this is one of the best implant's to have when running armor. As a SL you and tell who to go for and if you can kill them before they can get to cover. As a MBT driver I can not wast AP rounds on something that is almost died and let my gunner kill it.

                      Tier 2
                      Marker. Used when gunning air against infantry zerg because it spot anyone I damage.

                      Tier 3
                      EMP Shield. Run it with my Combat Medic. Helps when holding a room because it keeps your shield up when hit with an EMP. And as the medic, other people are relying on you to stay alive and getting them back up.

                      Clear Vison. I bring it with Heavy or Engineer when in a squad. Becuase when we are holding a room the Heavy or Engineers are the first line of defense it keeps me 100% effective when being breached. No more Flash or Concussion grenade effects for me.

                      Counter Intelligence. When running alone and flanking the enemy with silenced weapons. Love running Heavy with silenced LMG and mowing people down from behind. If it tells me that I got spotted then I can just back off for the 10 seconds that the spot lasts.

                      EOD HUD lll. Bring it with me as point man or as a scout for armor. Keeps mines from ruining my day.

                      Rangefinder. Sniper or tank driver. Don't seem to work against air as you have to lead them so much, so I tend to use it when I know that I will be shooting at targets the stay on the ground.

                      Regeneration lll. When there is no TG squad and I feel like running heavy and resist shields.

                      Sensor Shield. As an CQC infiltrator. I laugh at motion sensors and the peoples rage tells as I come out from thin air and kill them.

                      I would love to hear what you run with and if there was anything that I should change.
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                        Re: Ready for Testing - Implants

                        while in a tank- EOD ftw

                        Everything else- i forgot what its called, its the one that reduces how much your aim shakes when getting shot.




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