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Pacing; open discussion on the nature of TG within Planetside 2

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  • Pacing; open discussion on the nature of TG within Planetside 2

    I felt like taking the time to write this thread because of a lot of shade being thrown around when "the TG primer does not integrating properly into Planetside 2 gameplay".

    I honestly feel this is exceedingly false. If anything It simply just calls for a higher standard of discipline from TG members.

    Planetside 2 is a very fast paced game with very little penalty for death. So it can be very easy to get caught up in the monotony of the "easy way out". This can include generally suicidal tactics or playstylesthat bring better XP or stats to the player in question but benefit the team less. I'll provide a few examples where things work out better without being "cheesy" and suicidal

    say there is this sunderer causing some serious difficulty for allies:
    You could, of course, drop a galaxy of heavies with c-4 directly on top of the sundy, which is definitive suicide and has no guaranteed success.
    You can take the more modest, safer, better coordinated and thought out approach which is to drop the squad say 50-150m out as heavies behind cover. Then the squad can open fire, eliminate the sundy, mop up enemies everyone's happy and you gain a better chance for success.

    Max problem?
    Coordinate the squad for focus fire

    Tank problem?
    armor squad, infantry AT (both near and far), CAS, so on so forth

    AA problem?
    Run a special fastmoving division of vehicles or infantry that targets the anti-air

    Basically, the "cheese" tactics may be effective but this isn't the TG way. Also 99.9% of the time if you follow the TG way of doing things you'll become more effective.

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    Re: Pacing; open discussion on the nature of TG within Planetside 2

    Exactly!! Great post Zep!




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