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Patch Notes, May 20th: Implant Edition!

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  • Patch Notes, May 20th: Implant Edition!

    Link to devpost:

    Link to a list of all the current implants, and their effects:

    Anybody have any real strong opinions about implants?

    Patch Highlights(IMO)

    Originally posted by The Good
    Medic Updates
    Combat Medics can now use Battle rifles (Warden, AMR-66, and Eidolon VE33) for their primary weapon. (Leave them alone, they've been working out)
    Combat Medic now has access to the Adrenaline Pump certification in their suit slot.
    Triage now heals allies who are outside of the vehicle if they are within 5 meters. (Now you see the TRUE power of nanites!)

    Heal Grenades
    Heal rate increased from 60 hp per second to 100 hp per second
    Detonate time is now faster, from 3 to 2 seconds
    Increased heal range to 10 meters

    Fixed last two ranks of the medicís default heal ability regening the timer during use, causing active duration to be inconsistent. All ranks of the medic ability now match the cert upgrade descriptions. (If you didn't notice this then....carry on soldier. Nothing to see.)
    The last cert rank of the medicís default ability now adds +1 meter to the ability range.

    Flash & Harasser Handling
    With some code changes we've made over the last few updates, weíve updated the handling on the Flash. The Flash should grip the ground a lot better and be less likely to spin out and a *little* less likely to flip. It is still possible to do both but it should be under more extreme circumstances. (Extreme stunt videos will live on YouTube forever...)
    We've also enabled these changes on the Harasser, but without any tuning modifications. So the Harasser is using the new code but there shouldn't really be any noticeable difference.

    If your Network Quality is low you will now be warned on your HUD.

    Bug Fixes
    Semi-auto weapons will now show the correct rate of fire when looking at weapon stats. (Some of you don't like made up numbers for some weird reason...)
    Originally posted by The Bad
    Cert Window
    Cert screen has been replaced by the Nano-Cycler (Implant) screen
    Leadership certs can be found in the Social screen (This is no guarantee of improving social ability. Eating cheetos with an open mic is still frowned on)
    Class certs can be found in the Classes screen (It was the next place you were going to look....)

    The ping meter on the leaderboard has been replaced with a more accurate Network Quality status.
    Originally posted by The SOE What Are You Doing
    Large outposts have Galaxy access now, if there are aircraft available.
    Lightning tanks are now available at all vehicle terminals.

    A pilot who doesn't have any fear probably isn't flying his plane to its maximum. -Jon McBride, astronaut

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    Re: Patch Notes, May 20th: Implant Edition!

    Gentlemen, tell me about implants. I haven't played since this has implemented. How do they work? What should I get? All of this makes me a little nervous.

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      Re: Patch Notes, May 20th: Implant Edition!

      Implants are actually not bad.
      • You get random drops of implants and batteries for doing stuff.
      • Implants are equipped in your loadout screen; you can basically pretend it's a second suit slot.
      • While you have an implant equipped, it drains power at a certain rate, depending on the implant's level: level 1 = .5/sec, level 2 = .75/sec, level 3 = 1/sec.
      • Each battery(charger) that you get gets you 600 units(ten minutes of a level 3, 20 minutes of a level 1) of implant power, I tend to get one MORE often than every ten minutes, some people have gotten them less frequently.
      • Most random implant drops are level 1, some are level 2.
      • 5 level 1 implants can be combined into 1 level 2, 5 level 2 implants can be combined into a level 3(level 3 is where the good stuff is, usually).
      • A level 1 and a level 2 implant can be combined into a charger, and a level 2 and 3 can combined into a super charger.
      With all that out of the way, my genuine advice for implants is to ignore them for a week or two and just play normally. That's been my advice to everyone. I highly recommend building up a surplus of implants and chargers before you start monkeying around with it. You're lucky you didn't play in the first week since implants, when they first hit Live, implant and charger drops would stop after about an hour, it was a nightmare. Since they've fixed that, I actually think the implant system is in a really healthy place right.

      After you have a small pile of implants you should start combining them. 5 tier 1 implants combine into a tier 2, and 5 tier 2s into a tier 3. You have to combine 25 tier 1 implants to get a random tier 3, so there's going to be a fair bit of grinding to get a full set. The good news is that after you have one of every implant(or at least one of every implant you want), you can combine all of the implant drops to get more chargers, and thus more uptime for your implants.

      The entire PS2 community got out the torches and pitchforks about implants because they were 'pay-to-win' and 'a shameless cash grab', since you could buy both packs of random implants and chargers for station cash. First thing I did after the implant patch was buy a couple 5-packs and an 'ultra' charger from the depot(disposable income FTW), but honestly it hasn't even mattered. I never used the ultra charger, and I've gotten so many implant drops just from playing that those booster packs weren't even really relevant. I have a stack of 40+ spare chargers because I get them faster than I use them.

      As far as actual advice for implant usage? Don't think you need to have one on all the time. There's nothing wrong with not using an implant. None of them are strong enough that you'll automatically lose against an implant user if you don't have one.

      Current implants I use, in no particular order:
      Originally posted by Daelon's Loadouts
      My piloting/gunning loadout has Enhanced Targeting, letting me see the HP of enemies(and vehicles!) when they're spotted, very useful for prioritizing targets.
      My sniper rifle infiltrator loadout has Hold Breath. The extra breath holding time synergizes nicely with the straight-pull bolt, letting you drop a couple enemies very quickly and then move on.
      My SMG infiltrator has Safe Fall, so I can jump off things and sneak up on people a little more safely.
      My heavy assault has Regeneration, basically Nanite Auto Repair for people. It's pretty helpful between fights any time there's not a medic around. Save those medkits for emergencies!
      Implant and class combinations I think would be very useful:
      Originally posted by Theoretical Loadouts
      Stalker Cloak infiltrator with Sensor Shield implant: Permanently invisible AND doesn't show up on radar!
      EOD HUD and a tank driver loadout: Basically Auto-spots enemy mines, useful if you're the kind of person that hits mines a lot.

      A pilot who doesn't have any fear probably isn't flying his plane to its maximum. -Jon McBride, astronaut


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        Re: Patch Notes, May 20th: Implant Edition!

        Nice one, Thanks for the very good advice and information.

        Never Beat Ninja Gaiden


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          Re: Patch Notes, May 20th: Implant Edition!

          Yeah, they implemented them much more nicely than I was worried about. I haven't monkeyed around with them yet, still waiting for a decent set of implants before I really start experimenting, but they don't seem to be particularly problematic.




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