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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Tactical Gamer's Planetside 2 Steam Group

    For those that are interested, and that have Steam installed, we've started an official TG Planetside 2 Steam Group. The group is public, so all you have to do is click on the Group's link and click join.

    Our idea is to use the group to push announcements to online members (ie. TGU classes and FNF's getting ready to start), as well as helping members that don't use our forums regularly to find information here. The latter will be done by posting forum links to event signup sheets, AAR's, and other informative posts.

    So, what are you waiting for? Join the group and help us grow our community!

    Have an idea on how we can better use the Steam Group? Post here and let us know.

    If you installed Planetside 2 via the SOE launcher but, would like Steam to report when you're in game, follow the directions below:

    - Open Steam
    - Click LIBRARY near the top of the window
    - Click + ADD A GAME at the bottom left of the window
    - Click Add a Non-Steam Game... on the pop up menu
    - A new window will open.. Give it a few moments to scan your HDD/SSD for games and applications
    - Check the box next to Planetside 2, then click the ADD SELECTED PROGRAMS button
    - If Steam doesn't autodetect Ps2, click the BROWSE... button, navigate to your Ps2 directory, click Launchpad.exe, then click Open

    If I fudged the above listed directions (entirely possible as I haven't added a game in this fashion in a while), post here and I'll get them cleaned up.


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    Re: Tactical Gamer's Planetside 2 Steam Group

    Anyone can post events so if you've got a squad up, and want some more people to join. Post up an event, and let everyone in the group know! I know im always on steam and an event popping up would let me know to log on!




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