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  • Tuesday tactics

    I have spent hours reading the forms and enjoying the rich variety of different tactical position and ideas that are discussed there. But what seems a good idea on paper can be a very different thing on the battlefield. And because of this it takes a long time before someone has the guts to try unproven tactics as a SL or PL. I don't blame them, because it is not easy to tell a squad to do something, that might or might not work. Maybe I'm wrong about how quickly things on the form are put into action but ether way it would be good to have a squad that is willing to try the ideas and give feedback. Which is way (if it is okay with TG) I want to start and run a Tuesday experimental tactics squad or more simply, "Tuesday Tactics". In this squad we have a briefing and a possible practices in warp-gate. Then we would go and test the idea on the battlefield while still operating like a normal squad depending on the idea. The things that we would be trying would be everything from light cavalry flashes to a rotating armor shield. A example of something that we would try is a two point attack on a building and using one fire-team to get the enemy to face them and then using a concussion grenade to glue them facing away from the second fire-team as they come in a clean the building. The time has still to be set but is would be sometime Tuesday late afternoon or evening. As most of you who have been in my squads before know, I'm in no way the best SL but this is a experimental squad after all. Things will not always be perfect, but I will give it my all and with time I should be a well rounded SL. Please if you have any idea I would love to hear it.
    "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.

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    Re: Tuesday tactics

    Sounds great Matt. Send me an invite when you want to do this.


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      Re: Tuesday tactics

      Me too. Would love to join this squad.


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        Re: Tuesday tactics

        I had an idea similar to this but is was more based on established maneuvers than experimental ones. My idea was more like a training exercise calendar really. This could also supplement Matt's idea too, reserving a day for experimental tactics.

        TG is good at working together and doing as we are told. Many outfits/squads strive to get to that point which we have already achieved on a regular basis. However where we ourselves have room to grow is the general knowledge of tactics and the timeliness and uniformity of their execution at the individual level. IE: Myself and many others know about stacking at the door, waiting for the squad and breaching the room in a zipper fashion sweeping the room from the corners in to the center. However even in TG we don't see this almost at all let alone regularly. Why is this? Most of us know this including leaders, we cover this stuff in the forums often. I believe personally it is because it is not practiced enough to the point of muscle memory. In this example when a SL says breach/clear the building, all these steps should be ingrained to the point that it is implied and expected and even occurring without a second thought.

        We have a lot of standard maneuvers that can be broken down into small sub pieces to exercise. In the example above there are at least three parts that can be practiced separately: 1. meeting at the door in prep to breach, 2 breaching in zipper fashion, 3 sweeping room corners to center. My thoughts are that perhaps a sticky calendar be setup on the forums where these tactics are scheduled. Communicating what the days training objective is can be communicated to in-game squads via hearsay or other methods. The idea though is that it takes less then a minute or two to explain to a squad member who is unaware of how to do it, what they need to do. This caters to the reality that players are constantly joining and leaving the squad yet the training can occur without severely interrupting the squads current game play.

        I see this working something like this:

        New squad starts:
        SL: OK squad lets get this rolling, we will be on Indar. Anybody know what the training objective for today is?
        Alpha2: I was logged in this morning, Training calendar says breach stacking.
        SL: Whats breach stacking?
        Alpha5: The squad stacks at the door with half the squad on each side of the door with heavy's and max's ready to breach first.
        SL: Simple enough... OK there's our first stop, Stack up at the door to prepare for breach.

        Squad in progress:

        Alpha9 has joined the squad.
        SL: welcome alpha9. Today's training objective is breach stacking, are you aware of TG's breach stacking standard?
        alpha9: Yep rolled with you guys for the last few weeks strait.
        SL: awesome.
        alpha10 has joined the squad.
        SL: Welcome alpha10. Today's training objective is breach stacking, are you aware of TG's breach stacking standard?
        alpha10: Nope, first time with you guys.
        SL: No problem, ill explain: The squad stacks at the door with half the squad on each side of the door with heavy's and max's ready to breach first. Thats it. Ill be ensuring we all do this as a squad before we breach. Any questions?
        alpha10: Nah, sounds pretty simple.
        SL: Excellent.

        In both the examples I just listed, I wouldn't imagine the conversation taking much more than a minute thus not significantly disturbing everyone's game experience while still working on a tactic to the point of muscle memory. May be small objectives however practiced to point of muscle memory makes it much more likely to see continued use through TG squads.

        Garthra since your the official training guy im curious to hear your thoughts.


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          Re: Tuesday tactics

          Interesting idea VLAD.

          As far as having a specific drill to practice each Tuesday, perhaps assigned on the forums, it sounds like a good idea.

          I think it requires two things:
          1.) Content produced on a weekly basis for perhaps the first 4-5 weeks, and once we have 5 or so drills we can just rotate them, so the pressure for content creation is less. My preference would be for all new drills to be at least vetted by myself prior to approval. My goal here is that we standardize what we are teaching, and not teach different and conflicting things on the same topic.

          2.) A veteran Squad Lead on Tuesday nights willing to put in the time and effort to practice a drill. This would take above average leadership and willpower.

          The first drill you suggest is a good one, room clearing, and I have a video already drawn up showing how to do it correctly. I will try to link to it on the forums within the next few days.

          If you have ideas for drills please send me a message.
          In your message put “DRILL IDEA: _______” in the title / Subject line. Please include not just the general “It’s a drill about ______” but also the concrete step by step instructions the SL would give to his or here squad to achieve the drill. I will be judging on three main factors; A.) Simplicity. It needs to be SIMPLE enough to work with some basic training and not require very specific load outs or heavy certs investment. B.) Usefulness: It needs to be something that would benefit us, and be useful for our community to spend time learning. It would be great if it addressed a common problem or tactical situation. C.) TacticalGamer-ness: I will be looking for drills / lessons that mirror real world tactics and do not involve exploits or gimmicks. I know planetside 2 is not real life, and some tactics can differ, but this is TacticalGamer, and that never changes.

          That's what I think about it. I will be happy to produce some of these myself if my schedule allows, but look forward to reading other people's ideas and learning from them.

          PS MatthewDaManiac, glad you are willing to step up! :)
          The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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            Re: Tuesday tactics

            Excellent ideas [MENTION=91703]MatthewDaManiac[/MENTION] and [MENTION=59167]VLAD[/MENTION]! Sign me up as well!

            Let Drona or I know if you need anything from the Community side of things. And, since there may be training involved, keep Garthra, our Ps2 TGU lead, in the loop as well.



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              Re: Tuesday tactics

              In case this was not clear, my view is go with your idea man. Try new things, who knows, something might work!


              Here is my DRAFT video I had demonstrating my simple room clearing procedure. Looking to improve it when time allows.
              Breaching in PS2 Animated Power Point 0 75 - YouTube

              Simple version in text form here:
              1.) Call for "stack up." (Can be on either side of the door or both)
              1.A) Troops stack on either side of the door.
              2.) Call for "Ready" when troops are stacked up on the door.
              3.) (OPTIONAL) Either "grenades" is called and troops throw grenades, or "slicing the pie" and the player CLOSEST to the DOOR then slices the pie [circle strafe around door] to determine where enemies are located. Relays to troops.
              4.) Call for "Breach"
              5.) Troop breach as quickly as possible, first person "button hooking" (Turning to the same side of the door as they entered from) second person going opposite way. Example: If the troops tack up on the RIGHT side of the door first person would go along the RIGHT wall. Thus if person 1 goes RIGHT, person 2 goes LEFT, person 3 goes RIGHT, and person 4 goes LEFT and so on. When in doubt pick a side and go, do not linger in the doorway.

              6.) Focus on
              A) SPEED-- everyone going in at the same time, and
              B) AVOIDING fatal funnel getting CLEAR of the doorway/fatal funnel by moving along one wall or the other rapidly.

              That's the basics of a drill that I would like to see us get better at. It fits my formula outlined above in that it 1) It is relatively simple, 2.) it addresses a common tactical situation, and 3.) is in fact based on real world tactics.
              The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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                Re: Tuesday tactics

                I'd be willing to do something like this.

                I brought this up at the squad training a month ago, having some training to defend specific types of cut and paste buildings that are usually used to house objectives in the game (banana room, 2 stacks with objectives on the first or second floor). we could give it a few tries in empty bases getting people set up and knowing what their job is when defending, and then going to an active battle that features one of these buildings and occupying it and seeing how well it works in actual combat.

                The impetus for this is that if a squad leader is able to say "we're occupying this banana building" everyone instinctively knows their position and role in the defense. Ill work on drawing up some diagrams tonight if this sounds like a good idea to others.


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                  Re: Tuesday tactics

                  This right here is an amazing place to start regarding naming buildings, knowing their layout and different entry points.



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                    Re: Tuesday tactics

                    [MENTION=59167]VLAD[/MENTION] Thanks so much for the idea. I would love to see a Tuesday Tactics where squads form throughout the day and practice specific maneuvers. But it doesn't have to be a Tuesday. That was just the day that worked best for me. I guess we could do a poll and see if there seems to be a better day.

                    As far as the experimental unit goes, I have been doing a lot of thinking and here is a update on my original idea. It is supposed to Rate and give feedback on different ideas that have been discussed in the forms, and because of this, needs to be run with an experienced squad. The outcome and how well the idea works has as much if not more so to do with the squad running it as it has to do with the idea it's self. Because of this, I would not be running any complicated maneuvers until I'm better at the basics.

                    I was planing on this experiment squad being run once a week. But in light that we will have plenty of content to learn and work with, I think that I would not run it as much till we are used to the format of learning new maneuvers and are competent it a better base of skills. Maybe in a month or two there will be a group of us who get together once a week to look at the forms and test different complicated maneuvers.

                    Rageq3a once said, "Small speciality squads should be encouraged, because they allow the flexibility of new thinking and strategies, which if successful can be integrated in the broader task of addressing platoon objectives." I can't wait till we are able to find very specific presser points that a small squad or fireteam can use to turn a battle if applied right. With the new resource system coming in and with us starting some new training it is turning out to be a very exiting time to be in TG PS2.

                    If there is someone who has a good grasp on the basics, wants to try new some ideas, and is willing to set up times to meet feel free to. In no way is this Experimental squad mine and anyone who wants try something (that follows the primer) a write a review please do so.

                    I'm still new and I tried and had trouble quoting Rageq3a from a different thread with the little quote box. Also, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to mention someone. Other then copying a someone else's mention of that person. If someone could shed some light upon the subject. I would be forever in your debt.
                    "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.


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                      Re: Tuesday tactics

                      Admins, is there a way to put a calendar on the training site for permanent use? If not perhaps we can do a sticky that lists the months training. I figure we put a short title for whatever the training event is and each title can link to the discussion for each tactic in our repertoire. IE:

                      25 Jul - FNF
                      26 Jul - SL Training 101 w/Garthra @1500 cst
                      27 Jul - Armor - formations: line, column
                      28 Jul - Infantry - Bld Breach stacking
                      29 Jul - Air - Coordinated Alpha strike
                      30 Jul - Infantry - Bounding

                      01 Aug - Infantry - Suppression/overwhelming fire
                      02 Aug - Armor - Harasser mobile Infantry
                      03 Aug - Air - Wing man concept
                      05 Aug - Armor - Bulldog artillery w/spotters
                      06 Aug - Infantry - Infiltrator enemy line ambush

                      These are just some examples off the top of my head. I would expect there would be a forum discussion for each tactic where perhaps the first post be reserved for the approved TG standard TTP, and the rest being the discussion that establishes what that standard is.

                      Also we have lots of content online that has already done alot of the work fleshing out TTP's. So we most of the time shouldnt have to start from scratch. I think not long ago it was Starstriker that posted a discussion with a link to a vs outfits work on breaching a building that was very thorough. This is just an example.


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                        Re: Tuesday tactics

                        We have a Community Calendar, where events can be added. I'm able to add events but, I'm not sure if non-administrators are able to as well.

                        I'll get a discussion going with Site Administration and see if we can't get a Planetside 2 Event Calendar set up for member use.



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                          Re: Tuesday tactics

                          I'd love to see the PS2 events on the community calender. I could set up reminders and get a one stop event list for all the games I'd love to play PS2.
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                            Re: Tuesday tactics

                            Like I said, if its too much trouble perhaps a living sticky discussion updated monthly in a similar format I described above would be fine. I think as long as the training manager can update it, I think we will be good to go. (Training Manager is Garthra for those who were not sure)


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                              Re: Tuesday tactics

                              FYI: I created a "tactical drills List" post in the Strategy and Tactics form. If you have an idea for a drill you think we should practice on Tuesdays, post there! Read my initial post for more info :)

                              Post a DRILL, do not post a generalized "wouldn't it be great if..." idea on that sub forum. Post a real plan, so another player can read it, understand it, explain it to their squad in 3 minutes or less, and practice it with a squad on Tuesday without you being there.

                              I posted a galaxy drop drill based on my usual practices and experience to get us started. Let's see what you guys got! :)
                              The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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