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  • Current state of PS2?

    Hello all!

    I am sure most of you either don't remember me, or weren't around back when I played with y'all, but I used to be quite active in our community, and did quite a lot of PL, probably the second most common PL in our outfit (back in the day) next to Big Al. You might remember me as the guy who got us involved with the NC coalition, I don't know if that is still around.

    I am interested in getting back into PS2? How has the game fared in the last year? What is server population like? I know there have been quite a few server merges, but is Emerald as populated as Mattherson back in the old days? How active is the TG community? What do I need to know about big changes, aside from a new continent and vehicle?

    It's great to see this community still around, and I hope to get PS2 installed and start playing soon!
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    Re: Current state of PS2?


    Glad to have another person on who likes to lead! Always more that we can learn from each other and each person brings their own style of leadership with them.

    I think TG PS2 it is pretty darn good. I been playing PS2 with TG for about a year. We often field full squads, and occasionally field 2 full squads of TG guys. We rarely get a third squad going, but if we thinned our TG guys out more and brought in more blue berries I think we could start doing that. There is a core of serious disciplined teamwork oriented TG players that are really a pleasure to play with.

    The server as a whole has a good population, and you should not lack for a fight. At peak times it can be hard to find a small fight!

    Look forward to seeing you online.
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      Re: Current state of PS2?

      Originally posted by SoloDaNINJA View Post
      What do I need to know about big changes, aside from a new continent and vehicle?

      Right click to revive as medic :)


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        Re: Current state of PS2?

        The game has gone through a lot of quality of life improvements, which I'd find difficult to list because at this point I can barely imagine the game without them. For instance, I was looking at one of Ghostshooter's old videos from spring last year and couldn't help but notice that the armour squad didn't have little vehicle icons beside each squad member to identify who was in what vehicle! Madness!

        Implants are another largish change. Nothing super game-changing (which is good, considering they're given out essentially via slot-machine), but they DO give access to some handy abilities, like being able to see enemy HP or holding your breath longer as a sniper.

        The server is in good shape right now. It's currently difficult to find small fights, all three continents (one is always locked by one of the three empires atm) have multiple large fights during prime time and several of them typically have queues. TG doesn't usually field quite as many people at once as we did at our height (where we'd often spill into a second platoon) but we're usually able to muster 2-3 squads worth of TG players Friday nights (and what glorious squads those are). Spread out amongst some blueberries to boost our numbers (and recruit a bit) we can bring a pretty effective force to the field.

        (edit) Oh, and the respawn mechanics have been in constant flux. Currently, the game is dominated on the strategic level by massive cross-map redeploys to prevent bases from falling, which is a bit aggravating, but you need to be ready for any fight to turn to equal populations at any time. Sunderers and Galaxies can now spawn squad members on the move as long as they're manned, which changes how squads can move around the map a bit.




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