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Primer and SOP Compliance/Enforcement

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Primer and SOP Compliance/Enforcement

    I've begun to notice that we've been taking a few steps backwards in regards to compliance with our SOP's and the Tactical Gamer Primer. Go ahead, click those links and re-read the documents contained therein.. I'll wait.

    Here's a short list, in no particular order, of what I've witnessed lately:

    - pulling assets without first requesting SL permission
    - spawning in when there has been a 'hold spawns' order from the SL
    - uninformative contact reports
    - putting more emphasis on gaining certs and xp than tactics and strategy
    - members scattered around a base, with no cohesion

    In order to address this downward slide, the NCO's and Officers have been directed to be on the lookout for members that are failing to comply with our Primer and SOP's. They've also been instructed to offer corrective mentoring to non-compliant members. Any member that rejects NCO/Officer mentoring and continues to disregard our principles, will then be dealt with by myself, or another Administrator.

    There may be those that question why this is a big deal. Let me try to explain. Our SOP's are based on real world, military Standard Operating Procedures (where applicable). The military has SOP's because they help to increase the combat effectiveness of each soldier, as well as the entire unit. When a unit (fireteam/squad/platoon) is operating at peak efficiency, they can accomplish much more than an undisciplined unit/zerg and directly affect the outcome of virtually any conflict.

    So, let's make sure we're following our SOP's and spreading the word in-game for those that don't/rarely visit the forums. Doing so will ensure that our adversaries quake in their boots every time they see [TG] entering their area of operations.
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