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    My fellow TG members:

    As your representative to Ribbons I think you should know that...

    1.) There has been a drop off in ribbon nominations for TG Planetside2 recently. I do not think it is because people are not playing well. I think it is because people have forgotten about ribbons!

    2.) Please, if you see someone playing great, fulfilling their role and doing a really bang up job of it, consider nominating them for the appropriate ribbon. It could be a great squad leader, or it could be a great
    engineer, or a really good pilot, or a very skillful armor driver or gunner. There are ribbons for each of these things. And off the top of my head I can think of people who fill each of these roles consistently, and do it well, but have never been recognized for it.

    3.) Here is the link. Read about the ribbons available, read the example nomination form, and next time you see them doing something awesome, take 10 minutes are write a nomination. Be specific, give details, and explain why they deserve it.

    4.) If you want to nominate someone, but don't know how, contact me in game. I will be happy to help you out.
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    Re: Ribbons Plug

    I think its safe to say that long thread just recently about Alex and his Medic talents qualifies as at least support for the medic nomination.




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