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New Shield Sunderer (Thoughts?)

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  • New Shield Sunderer (Thoughts?)

    -So Im curios of Everyone's reaction to the new Shield addition to the sunderer. As TG tends to run many small ops it has to due to its relatively small playerbase in comparison to other outfits, This addition has the possibility to either negatively or positively effect our play-styles. I haven't had the opportunity to see how it play's out in game but My thoughts from what I have seen in wrels video are as followed.
    1.)Overall the thing feels almost too hard to destroy.
    2.) It seems to make it almost impossible for a small group of defenders to defend a base properly. Due to TG's organization I don't think it should be as difficult to take down the sundy for us, yet still I worry about peoples ability to take down the sundy without organization. Often times due to our numbers we rely on blueberry support, and in turn we take down secondary objectives while the blueberries take the brunt of the attack. Time will tell if defenders will be able to adequately defend without large amounts of organization.
    3.) An Interesting thing I hear is that the EMP infiltrator grenade zapps and kill's the shield, witch may make an infiltrator a valuable asset to a anti vehicle team (For once).
    4.) Also it seems to be more effective to use explosives one at a time. doing two sets of explosives at a time seem to make the shield take the damage of only a single explosive. Thus sustained fire rather than burst damage is required.
    I don't know About everyone else but im on the side of wishing the thing had never been implemented in the first place. But unfortunately right Now I lack the proper perspective so I Could be biased. In all honesty what I want is for the defender and attackers to be on equal footing not for one side to be overpowered, and right now I'd hardly say the defenders are overpowered, plus their is hardly reason to defend bases right now. Attacking bases already nets XP yet defending bases does nothing, other than give defense ribbons. Granted TG is usually above the XP farming but most in game are not and in order to properly manage where blueberry support go's the dev's I believe need to provide more base defense incentive, and This new shield addon to the sundy Hardly encourages defenders, rather it makes it even more difficult to defend.
    -But like I said I am biased and lack the in game perspective currently so again i am curios to hear your thoughts?

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    Re: New Shield Sunderer (Thoughts?)

    Haven't really been having much more trouble taking Sunderers down, except when engaging in VERY small numbers. It means sending one guy around to kill the Sunderer isn't super viable.


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      Re: New Shield Sunderer (Thoughts?)

      Dual-Falcon-MAX will always do the job.

      If it can deny the annoying and completly free "Army-of-one-C4Fairy" to destroy a costly asset, I am glad.

      About your concern on defending bases, I fully agree with your views. In fact, defending a base should provide a tremendous modifier. If at least, for small numbers, it was the case and could turn out not to be such an important modifier for large numbers, gameplay could comply with both realities.

      Mandatory passage into funnels excels at this. There is only about 3 parameters to adjust the amount of defenders : lenght (of the line of sight), width and cluttering. Obviously, having a collision box would provide huge modifier, no matter how many times one is outnumbered.


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        Re: New Shield Sunderer (Thoughts?)

        So does this shield only protect the Sunny, or other vehicals close by?

        I might only use the shield on a back up (Seconary) spawn sunny, as you cannot have repair, ammo or blockage on the same Sunny.

        I cannot see it been much use in a armor column but it might have some use as fast response APC, to deliver a AV squad past an enermy armor front line. IE, to take out thier repair sunny

        Suicide? (The driver drives, the passangers jump out, the driver diverts and pull fire away form the squad and does his best to get back to safety, or jumps out and hides/redeploys/form up with squad).

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          Re: New Shield Sunderer (Thoughts?)

          The shield protects the Sunderer, and only when deployed. It makes a spawn sunderer much harder to take down solo, but doesn't make it that much more resilient to sustained or focused fire.


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            Re: New Shield Sunderer (Thoughts?)

            Here is info I found on reddit. It's from when the shield was still on the PTS so not sure on how current it is.

            The shield completely absorbs:
            2 tank mines
            2 C4
            2 decimator
            3 default dumbfire (technically 2, but the third rocket only does ~5% damage or so)
            A lot of AV grenades - 4 minimum from what I've tested
            2 AV mana
            2 AP vanguard
            5 enforcer
            2 halberd

            4 C4 or 5 tank mines will bring it down to half health - making it impossible to solo as an infantry player.
            The shield begins recharging after 10 / 9 / 8 / 6 seconds and costs 50 / 100 / 200 / 500 certs.
            EDIT: It seems that the shield also resists damage while it is active. Detonating 4 C4 at once will bring it down to about half health, but setting off two of them (knocking out the shield), then setting off the other two will set it on fire:

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              Re: New Shield Sunderer (Thoughts?)

              Hey guys, just taking a break from schoolwork and workwork and wanted to pop in and say this is actually a really good addition in my eyes.

              Since all Sunderers have AMS capacity the addition of a shield brings back spawn centric specialization. The go-to FOB style Sunderer will only benefit from this. Ammo/repairs are useful, but when you're stationary and the subject to targeted attacks the shield is going to be a key point.

              I don't think the shield changes anything from the other Sunderer variants; Vehicle Support, Diffuser, ect. will still function the same way. All that will change will be how to best engage deployed Sunderers. The fact that teamwork, and coordinated strikes, will be required just adds a new wrinkle to our sandbox objective game.

              Does the shield recharge & how long does it take? Does it get buffed by Repair Sunderers? And is it a cert path or just a cert unlock?


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                Re: New Shield Sunderer (Thoughts?)

                Not sure how long it takes, but it does recharge (felt very fast, TBH). It's not a health buff, so repair Sunderers don't do anything beyond normal.




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