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  • Valkyrie Pick Up Squads

    Since our last foray with Valkyries and Harassers didn't go so well, I'd like to try running some basic pickup squads so we can acquaint ourselves better with the Valkyrie. Ideally I'd like to have at least two (4 people) and a maximum of four (8 people) Valkyries to start to keep things small and easy. We'll go over basic flight mechanics, proper use of thrusters and try some engagements against air and isolated ground targets. Eventually I'd like to expand the scope to the rapid response units we've run in the past with Harassers during alerts to knock out enemy Sunderers that are setup outside NC bases from the air instead of from the ground.

    To keep things simple and cert friendly we'll stick to the Wyvern for the main weapon since it gives Valkyries the best option to attack both air and ground targets. In the future we'll look at running two Wyverns and two VLG Missiles as well. From our testing so far we've found the best Valkyrie configuration for long term survival comes from these options:

    Fire Suppression
    Composite Armor
    Evasiveness Airframe

    There's no set time or day for these as we'll simply form a squad if there's enough people around who are interested and go from there.

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    Re: Valkyrie Pick Up Squads

    -very important is picking locations with cover and using them effectively, the open plains of indar aren't going to give as much success. For assault and attack purposes, I agree with the above loadout, but for general squad transport perpouses, it may be beneficial to run AMS. it is defineatley the way to go. Also for rumble seats flack Armour of course. Curios as to how the lockons fair if you get enough people to get around to it.
    -backwards maneuver is good for the craft as well as the liberator belly gun to the sky tactic. You may want to train on these.
    -also I hear chaingun melts alot of things if you get close if anyone has it you may want to try it out.
    An after action report would be great Im curios to see how you guys fair.
    -Best of luck RaymondScout


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      Re: Valkyrie Pick Up Squads

      My experience with the chain gun is mixed. Yes, it melts things if you get close, but close for that gun is almost C4 range (very barely an exageration).

      The Wyvern is hands-down the best all around weapon for the vehicle. The others are more gratifying/flashy, but really, taking into account range, flexibility, and all around damage, the Wyvern wins.

      - Wire-guided missiles are so slow to launch and slow moving, you must be stationary to use them. Very bad for a Valk.
      ---->Also very short range, so inside the scary circle for lock-ons/dumb fires/small arms)
      - Chaingun needs to be sub-50 meters to inflict real damage, making you tank/dumbfire fodder.
      - Anti-Personel gun is useful, but again, relatively close quarters, not good against air.
      - Rocket pods useless against air in real-world terms

      Given some flight time with Assault9, I think using terrain as your only means of evading the enemy is very limited thinking, something we can talk about more in-game. (Demonstration is necessary)
      MacKahan -- Mac-Kay-an In case you were curious. ;-)



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        Re: Valkyrie Pick Up Squads

        Perhaps, I do know Valkyries are surprisingly hard hitting against ESF's so taking them on at more medium altitudes I dont think is as much of an issue. Although Your probably right with low altitude not being mandatory. However, liberators, from what it seemed last time I played were the biggest threat to the Valkyrie




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